Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Sycamores Pummel Hoosiers

Indiana State beat up Indiana and took their lunch money this afternoon. The Sycamores drilled IU, 11-2. On a team loaded offensively, IU freshman Alex Dickerson continues to shine. Dickerson had another multiple hit outing today. Unfortunately, that's the conclusion of the nice things to say about the game.

If I've said it once, I've said it ten times. Midweek games can be the death of Big Ten programs. This is particularly true if your program is harboring at-large NCAA Tournament dreams. Northern programs simply cannot afford too many of these RPI-deflating, credibility-killing midweek losses. Yet, they happen on a consistent basis here in Big Ten country. Today's IU/ISU affair is just the latest example.

Deante Prince of The Inside Pitch blog caught up with IU Head Coach Tracy Smith after the game. It doesn't sound like Coach Smith was terribly impressed with today's game, either.

“It’s a hard game to even evaluate because we made so many mistakes,” he said. “We made mistakes on the infield, we made mistakes on the mound and we made mistakes on the bases.”

Anyone else think the next IU practice could be tougher than usual?

Thankfully, for the Bloomington faithful, it's very early in the year. There is plenty of baseball left to be played. In fact, the Hoosiers can take a step at redeem themselves tomorrow as they take on Eastern Michigan.