Tuesday, March 03, 2009

New Reads

One of the reasons I began blogging about college baseball, in general, and the Big Ten, specifically, was the lack of such available resources. However, after lamenting a decline in college baseball coverage on the internet just a month or so ago, I'm happy to report some new voices in the wilderness.

Varsity Blue should appeal to my Maize and Blue supporters. A blogger known as Formerly Anonymous is cranking out quality Michigan baseball data on a regular basis. Here's an example. It's more than just graphs, though. Varsity Blue offers up previews, reviews, commentary and analysis.

Adding to the list of those covering the nation is College Baseball 360. The gang at 360 provides national previews, reviews and interviews.

Omaha Sky is the new blog by Will Geoghegan. Mr. Goeghegan, who also blogs about the Cape Cod League, is typing nearly everyday. It's another blog focusing on the nation, but he does include the northern schools.

Dan Hughes is working as the College Baseball Examiner. Mr. Hughes, like our previous three entries, is covering the entire nation.

Infield Chatter
discusses all aspects of baseball. Right now, Harris Frommer has plenty of college baseball talk.

I would encourage you to check out all these new avenues of college baseball information.


kowisja said...

Thanks for the hat tip. Your site actually influenced me to actually go ahead with the Michigan coverage. I had put it off all through my undergraduate years on campus, and when I started to find people who actually cared about Big10 baseball, I started working with maizenbrew last year. My buddies at Varsity Blue picked me up for the start of the season and yeah, we're trying to find our exact niche within the baseball market.

Thanks for some more links to keep up with. It's been tough pickens lately. Now if collegebaseballtoday would just get an RSS feed so I could keep up with it easier.


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