Tuesday, March 31, 2009

All-Weekend Team

The last All-Weekend Team of March is the first based solely on conference games. Let's dive right in.

C: Chad Noble, Northwestern - Noble didn't get many hits this weekend (2-for-7), but managed quite a bit of production. On those two hits, Noble scored three times and had four RBI. He homered, as well. The sloppy weekend weather robbed him of more at-bats.

C: Dan Burkhart, Ohio State - This guy's having such a good year that a .385 weekend (5-for-13) average looks low. The sophomore doubled, got hit by a pitch, drove in a run and scored four more.

1B: Matt Streng, Ohio State - A .300 weekend average (3-for-10) with five runs scored and seven RBI earn the Bucks' firstbaseman another AWT nod. Streng walked four times and homered twice.

2B: Derek McCallum, Minnesota - McCallum only had two games this weekend, but he went 4-for-8 with three runs scored and four RBI. McCallum also doubled, homered and walked.

SS: Michael Glantz, Penn State - The PSU shortstop collected five hits and ten at-bats (.500), scoring four runs and driving in three versus OSU. He walked and doubled along the way.

3B: Jordan Steranka, Penn State - Steranka went 6-for-12 with a triple, stolen base and walk. He also scored four times and drove in four more.

OF: Jake Goebbert, Northwestern - Thanks to the weather, the NU outfielder only played in two games this weekend, but Goebbert made the most of his AB's. He went 5-for-8 (.625) with three doubles and two walks. Goebbert scored three runs and had four RBI.

OF: Zach Hurley, Ohio State - Just another ho-hum weekend for the OSU leadoff hitter. Six hits in fifteen at-bats (.400), a double, two walks, six runs scored and two RBI. Hurley's production at the top of the OSU lineup continues to be a major reason why the Buckeyes are rolling.

OF: Michael Stephens, Ohio State - Stephens (and teammate Streng) paced the weekend RBI parade with seven. He scored once, but did get five hits in thirteen at-bats (.385). Stephens doubled, hit a sac fly and got hit by a pitch.

DH: Mike Dufek, Michigan - The junior went 6-for-12 (.500, but I'm guessing you Big Ten fans did the math without my help) with a pair of doubles and a stolen base. Dufek also scored a run and drove in four.

BN: Kevin Cislo, Michigan - The senior hit .364 (4-for11) with a double, walk and a stolen base. Cislo scored four times and drove in two more.

BN: Cory Kovanda, Ohio State - Here a Buckeye, there a Buckeye. Everywhere a Buckeye. Look, Kovanda just keeps hitting. Only appeared in two games vs. PSU, but hit .571 (4-for-7) with three walks and a pair of doubles. He scored three runs and drove in two more.

BN: Josh Parr, Illinois - The Illini freshman secondbaseman hit .364 (4-for-11) with a double, triple, walk, stolen base, two runs scored and three RBI.

BN: Justin Miller, Ohio State - Five hits in fifteen at-bats (.333) with a homer, three runs scored and three RBI.

BN: Ryan Dew, Ohio State - I'm not sure how many four-hit games Dew has posted in '09, but it's more than one. He went 7-for-14 with three runs scored and a RBI.

BN: Joe Bonadonna, Illinois - Did what you expect your leadoff hitter to do -- get on base. Bonadonna went 5-for-10 with three walks. He also doubled, stole a base and scored four times.

BN: Brandon Wikoff, Illinois - The Illini's number three hitter drove in five runs vs. MSU. He hit .333 (4-for-12) with a double, triple and two walks.

BN: A.J. Pettersen, Minnesota - Pettersen hit .500 (4-for-8) against IU. The Gophers' shortstop walked, got HBP, stole a base, drove in a run and scored three in two games.

BN: Alex Dickerson, Indiana - Like a few others on the team, Dickerson just didn't get the at-bats due to some foul weather. The freshman went two-for-five with two runs scored and two RBI. He walked twice, doubled, homered and got hit by a pitch.

SP: Will Strack, Illinois - The Big Ten's Pitcher of the Week tossed a complete game shutout vs. MSU on Sunday. Strack allowed just four hits and a walk while striking out three.

SP: Eric Arnett, Indiana - Another complete game for the IU hurler. Arnett surrendered two runs on six hits and two walks while fanning ten Gophers.

SP: Chris Fetter, Michigan - Our third complete game performance in-a-row. Fetter yielded three runs on five hits and a walk. The righthander struck out nine Hawkeyes.

SP: Matt Bischoff, Purdue - Make it four CG's. The Boilers starter gave up three runs, only two earned, on eight hits and a walk. Bischoff struck out 10 Wildcats.

RP: Steve Turnbull, Iowa - Posted his first win by holding Michigan scoreless over 1.1 innings. He allowed just one hit and struck out two. Turnbull got some help from ......

RP: Mike Schurz, Iowa - Tossed the final frame of the win vs. the Wolverines. Schurz didn't relinquish a run, hit or walk and struck out one and claimed his third save of the year.

RP: Drew Rucinski, Ohio State - Appeared in all three games vs. PSU. Rucinski, no stranger to the AWT, totaled six innings of work allowing just two hits, a walk and two earned runs. He also struck out five. (This addition comes at the nudging of a reader/commenter, who clarified one of Rucinski's "earned" runs. Check the comments and note that your suggestions can make a difference.)

BP: Chauncy Handran, Minnesota - Allowed just two IU runs over eight innings of work. Handran gave up six hit and a walk and whiffed four.

BP: Bryan Roberts, Illinois - The Illini frosh didn't get a decision vs. the Spartans, but tossed eight innings of seven-hit, two-run baseball. He didn't give out a walk and struck out three.

BP: Jarred Hippen, Iowa - Held the Wolverines to one run on five hits and two walks over 6.2 innings. He also K'd nine Michigan batters. Hippen didn't get a decision, but did make the All-Weekend Team. (Yeah, I had trouble typing that, too.)

BP: Eric Jokisch, Northwestern - Alas, Jokisch lost the complete game duel with Purdue's Bischoff. The NU lefty allowed four runs, but only one was earned. He also surrendered eight hits and four walks while striking out five.

BP: Joe Muraski, Northwestern - Yes, two NU hurlers. Muraksi went six full innings letting in one earned run on just five hits. Muraski K'd eight Boilers.

BP: Dean Wolosiansky, Ohio State - Wolosiansky garnered his fourth win by giving up two runs on five hits and two walks over seven innings. Wolo fanned six.

You all know the drill. Questions, comments, correcting my math skills and the like should be sent via email. There's always a good chance I've done something wrong (either in omission or commission.)


powerdog18 said...

Ohio State pitcher Drew Rucinski threw in all three games against Penn State. He pitched a total of 6 innings in relief, 2 hits, 1 BB, 5K's, 2 earned runs. One of the earned runs was after a base hit to center was scored a triple, the center fielder dropped the ball twice before throwing to the infield. This was after throwing 3 scoreless innings against Miami on Tuesday.

Brian said...

Thanks for clarifying Rucinski's performance. I did make note of his first two outings and probably too quickly dismissed his Sunday outing as it was such a mess of a game. (15-11 doesn't make one think of quality pitching.)

However, for the sake of clarification, it's only a "weekend" team. What happens on in the midweek games, good or bad, doesn't factor into my review.

Upon your comments, I'll include Rucinski. The change should be noted shortly.

IUbaseballfan said...

IU's Dickerson also had a homer in the Saturday game vs. Minn.

Brian said...

Noted and added. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

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