Sunday, March 15, 2009

Another Gameday Open Thread

Happy Sunday afternoon, everyone. We've already got four game underway as I begin typing. Purdue and Ohio State are winning, but it's ridiculously early, so they are far from certain W's. There's no score in the other two.

Let me encourage you to share your thoughts and scoring updates throughout the afternoon in the comments section. Even if you don't post comments, it's always good to read them during gameday, especially if I'm not around updating games as they happen. The posters do a good job of sharing results. At some point, I'll return to recap today's action.

Note to all my All-Weekend Team fans. The team may not get posted until Tuesday this week. Minnesota, Iowa and Indiana will play Monday games, so I'm going to include those results. I might still be able to post the AWT Monday night, but I'm not going to commit to that and run the risk of disappointing the both of you. Nonetheless, you are welcome to email me your AWT nominees before then.

Enjoy your Sunday of baseball action. (And the outstanding weather, if you live near my portion of Big Ten country.)


kowisja said...

This may be the one weekend of spring where someone in Houston, TX (me) envies the weather of the midwest. Still rainy and cold here. I'm too much a baby to head up to Reckling to see Rice. 50s and rain oh no!

Illinifan said...

Sunny and at least in the 50's in northern Illinois today.

Illini winning 11-2 over Akron in the bottom of the seventh. If this holds up, it would be a series sweep and they would have done nothing to hurt their standings in the national polls.

Anonymous said...

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