Friday, October 21, 2005

2006 Schedules

Three schools have already posted their 2006 schedules. Northwestern, Ohio State and Purdue are looking ahead to the upcoming season. The links are to each university's press release.

Big 10 Draft Results

Courtesy of the Big Ten's official site, here are the conference's players that were selected in the Major League draft.

Future CWS Dates

Got any plans to visit Omaha? Here is a list of future College World Series dates.

The CWS is still high on my list of "Things To Do". I've knocked off attending an All-Star Game and visiting the Hall of Fame, again. I doubt '06 is possible, but I had doubts about the ASG and HOF, too. You just never know.

I.U. Provides Hurricane Relief

The Hoosiers' baseball squad lent a hand to Hurricane Katrina victims.