Monday, March 02, 2009

All-Weekend Team

It's time for your favorite feature, the All-Weekend Team. Let's face it, Monday just wouldn't be the same without it. Astute readers will note a change in the way the post is presented. The alteration may not be permanent, as time constraints vary my efforts, but let's give it a try.

This edition features plenty of those undefeated Ohio State Buckeyes. A week after OSU pitchers dominanted the All-Weekend nods, the Buckeye batters take over this week. It's the Illini that have the most arms on this week's squad.

C: Dan Burkhart, Ohio State - In a lineup filled with outstanding performers, Dan was, indeed, The Man. The sophomore backstop went 9 for 19 (.474) with eight runs scored and 10 RBI. Burkhart hammered two homers and two doubles and was walked twice.

1B: Matt Streng, Ohio State - After three games, Streng's numbers wouldn't have been terribly impressive (1 for 8 with two runs scored). Then came Sunday. Streng went 4 for 5 with two homers, four runs scored and five RBI. Streng ended the weekend 5 for 13 (.385).

2B: Cory Kovanda, Ohio State - Like nearly every Bucke, Kovanda raked this past weekend. Six hits in nineteen at bats (.316) plus five runs scored and five more driven in. Toss in three walks, an HBP, a double, homer and stolen base and you get a middle infield spot.

2B: Kevin Cislo, Michigan - An on-base machine over the weekend. Six hits in fourteen at-bats (.428) plus six free passes. Yes, six walks in four games. Cislo scored eight times and drove in three. He also doubled and stole a pair of bases.

SS: Justin Toole, Iowa - All the All-America candidate did was hit .800 (8 for 10) this weekend. Toole doulbed, walked, got hit by a pitch, drove in two runs and scored twice. The Hawkeyes are off to a rough start, but Toole continues to shine.

3B: Cory Rupert, Ohio State - I sort of cheated on this one. Rupert played far more shortstop than third, but it worked out better this way. Rupert was 6 for 17 (.353) with seven runs scored and five RBI. Rupert homered and walked twice.

OF: Ryan LaMarre, Michigan - That seven RBI game on Friday alone almost assured LaMarre a spot on this week's team, but the sophomore continued to hit all weekend. LaMarre ended with 10 hits in 18 at-bats (.555) and 15 RBI. LaMarre scored five runs, homered three times, doubled twice, walked twice and stole two bases.

OF: Zach Hurley, Ohio State - The junior got off to a slow start (2 for 11), but cranked it up in the last two Buckeye wins (9 for 11). Hurley finished at .500 (11 for 22) with seven runs scored and eight RBI. Add to his production two homers, two walks, a double an a triple.

OF: Ryan Dew, Ohio State - Yes, another Buckeye. I tried to warn you at the start. Dew had five hits in 14 at-bats (.357), touched home seven times and drove in five runs. Dew, a junior, also homered and got plunked by a pitch.

DH: Michael Kvasnicka, Minnesota - The sophomore outfielder went 6 for 13 (.461) with four runs scored and four RBI in helping the Gophers win the Dairy Queen Classic. Kvasnicka doubled twice, homered, walked and stole a base as Minnesota went 3-0.

BN: Michael Stephens, Ohio State - All Stephens did was hits .300 (6 for 20), score seven times and collect a pair of RBI. The two homers, two walks, two steals and HBP didn't hurt, either. (Well, okay, the HBP might have hurt.)

BN: Paul Snieder, Northwestern - The Wildcats' freshmen firstbaseman went 5 for 9 (.555) with two runs scored and four RBI. He doubled twice, tripled and homered.

BN: Kyle Knudson, Minnesota - Knudson was a big reason the Gophers won the DQ. Minnesota's backstop went 6 for 14 (.428) with two runs scored and three RBI. Knudson had a pair of doubles and homered.

BN: Josh Parr, Illinois - Another first-year standout. Parr hit .700 (7 for 10) with a run scored and five RBI. The Illini secondbaseman should be on national radar for freshman All-America consideration.

BN: Anthony Toth, Michigan - Toth, like middle infield partner Cislo, was on-base plenty this weekend. Toth had five hits (in 17 AB's = .294), walked three times and got plunked by a pitch. Toth also doubled and stole a base.

BN: Jake McLouth, Michigan - The freshman DH went yard two more times over the weekend. McLouth collected five hits in eighteen at-bats (.277), scored three runs and had five RBI. He also got hit by a pitch. Sure, it's only been two weeks, but McLouth certainly looks like he will be a candidate for freshman All-America teams.

BN: Alex Dickerson, Indiana - Another freshman All-America candidate. It was difficult to include any Hoosiers this week, as bad weather limited them to just two games, but Dickerson managed to make the most of his limited AB's. The IU freshman was five for nine (.555) with a homer, two runs scored and three RBI.

SP: T.J. Macy, Penn State - Held Texas to five hits, three walks and one earned run over eight innings and struck out seven Longhorns' in the process. Did I mention this was in Austin? Probably the best performance by a pitcher this weekend despite of not winning. Macy's not only looked like PSU's # 1, but one of the better pitchers in the conference.

SP: Phil Haig, Illinois - The lefty had his second straight good start. Haig yielded just three hits and two walks in seven innings posting the win. Haig's arguably been the best pitcher on what looks like a deep Illini staff.

SP: Eric Arnett, Indiana - Three hits, two walks, one run (not earned) and nine K's to lead IU to a win. Arnett, like Macy, has looked as good as any pitcher in the conference in the first couple of weeks.

SP: Chris Fetter, Michigan - The All-America candidate looked the part on Saturday. Six innings pitched, four hits, no runs, no walks, seven strikeouts. Oh, and the win, too.

RP: Cullen Sexton, Minnesota - Two appearances. One win. One save. Sexton tossed a total of 4.1 innings pitched giving up just one hit and one walk. He didn't surrender a run, earned or not, and struck out two.

RP: John Anderson, Illinois - Anderson tossed just two innings in his two appearances, but made the most of his time on the hill. He allowed only one hit, no walks, no runs and struck out one. Anderson earned a save along the way.

BP: A.J. Achter, Michigan State - The Spartans couldn't close the deal this weekend, but they doesn't mean they did get a quality start. Achter worked 7.1 innings giving up three hits, 3 runs, only two earned and three walks.

BP: Joe Muraski, Northwestern - Seven strikeouts, three hits, two free passes, one earned and, yet, no decision for the NU starter. Nothing to show for the good outing, but an All-Weekend Team spot.

BP: Jake Hale, Ohio State - In three appearances, Hale tossed 3.2 innings giving up five hits, only one walk and no runs. The senior righthander fanned four and picked up a save.

BP: Aaron Martin, Illinois - The third Illini arm on this week's squad. Martin earned a victory by going eight innings and allowing only one unearned run. He gave up five hits and a walk along the way. Martin also struck out three.

BP: Ben Reeser, Illinois - Add another Blue and Orange hurler. The Illini righthander also notched a victory this weekend. Reeser's stat line: 7.2 IP, 6 hits, 2 runs, 1 earned, 0 BB and six K's. If your school gets four arms onto the All-Weekend Team, you have to think you side won more than it lost.

I hope you like this more expanded look at the All-Weekend Team. Before moving on, I offer the standard disclaimers. The math is mine, thus is subject to error and ridicule. (Much like the opinions offered here, come to think of it.) There is always a possibility I've missed someone. You are welcome to contact me with your nominee. I'll make changes, if necessary.


FishingMN said...

Nicely done.

I like the idea of creating the all weekend team - think I might have to steal it for my blog once Conference games start.

Thanks as well for the link to my site - I've gotten a number of people coming over from you.

Quite excited to see my Gophers off to a strong start. Hoping last year was an anomaly.

kowisja said...

Only Michigan guy that could compete but was missed was Mike Dufek in the bullpen. He had 3 innings, 1 hit, 1 walk, 0 runs, 3 Ks in the Akron game. I'm not sure if he deserves to be over anyone else, but at least a mention perhaps.

FishMN, I've been keeping up with you regularly (through the wordpress "college baseball" tag). Good stuff man.


Joanna said...

Very glad to see T.J. Macy on the list!

Illinifan said...

I know its an imprecise science, but when you leave one of the Big Ten Players of the Week off your first team-someone is making a mistake. :-)

Brian said...

I was wondering if anyone was going to call me out on that one. What? Four pitchers and a hitter just not enough for you? :)

I have to admit that I make plenty of mistakes around here and I probably should have put three secondbasemen on this week's side.

However, in this instance, I don't think I'm the only one to make an error.

I've avoided calling out the Big Ten office on their oversight of Michigan's Ryan LaMarre (see ridiculous stats above), as no matter how I make it sound, it appears to diminish the performances of Parr and Burkhart.

Yet, how much better could his stats have been? It was simply a huge week and he played five games.

Illinifan said...

Well, I never named a person who might have made a mistake. :-) Just pointed out an inconsistency.

Personally, I'd like to know who names the BT Players of the Week (for all sports). Is it just one person in Park Ridge? Do they poll the coaches/SIDs? Do they consult some retired coaches? Or is there some other method?

The arguments are half the fun.

(And I appreciate the quick info! If you've ever visited the Illini website, you know that the scores aren't always available.)

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