Monday, March 23, 2009

All-Weekend Team

A new week, a new challenge. This week I have to debate including Minnesota's Thursday game as part of their weekend series. Usually, stats for the AWT don't begin prior to Friday, yet I've included Thursday Big Ten games in the past. I've also allowed Monday games, whether scheduled or as part of a make-up date, so I had to ask what was the real difference between Thursday and Monday?

Then, I remembered something. This is my team, I can do whatever I please. As such, I'm going to include Minnesota's Thursday contest versus Dallas Baptist. I do this realizing this may paint me as a Gopher support, in some eyes. If that was the worst thing I was ever called, I'd be doing far better than most bloggers, so I'll roll with it.

C: Chad Noble, Northwestern - The weekend in New Mexico didn't go well for NU, but Noble did have a standout series. Noble posted eight hits in fifteen at-bats (.533) with a double. He scored twice and drove in six runs.

1B: Mike Dufek, Michigan - The junior firstbaseman had a .500 average (five hits in 10 ABs) with two doubles and two homers. Dufek walked, scored three times and had six RBI.

2B: Derek McCallum, Minnesota - McCallum was going to make the squad regardless. However, including the extra game boosted the Gophers' secondbaseman's totals to 5 for 11 (.454) with a triple and homer. McCallum scored four runs and drove in a weekend leading ten RBI.

SS: A.J. Pettersen, Minnesota - The redshirt freshman hit .636 (7 for 11) vs. DBU. Pettersen scored seven runs and drove in four. He also drew four walks and doubled.

3B: Dan Black, Purdue - The Boilers' star hit three more homers in two games. Black was 4 for 9 (.444) with four runs scored, two walks, a stolen base and eight RBI.

OF: Mike Kvasnicka, Minnesota - Another AWT nod for the Gophers' sophomore. His series at DBU included a seven for fourteen (.500) performance. Kvasnicka scored twice and drove in seven runs as the Gophers' swept.

OF: Jeff Holm, Michigan State - A first-time appearance for the MSU outfielder. Holm hit .333 (4 for 12) with a double and a walk. He scored four runs and drove in six.

OF: Alan Oaks, Michigan - The Wolverines outfielder doubled, homered, stole a base, scored twice and drove in two. Oaks hit .545 (six for eleven) versus IPFW.

DH: Matt Nohelty, Minnesota - A seven for twelve (.583) series vs. DBU gets Nohelty on the team. The senior doubled, walked, got hit by a pitch, drove in three and scored six runs.

BN: Justin Gominsky, Minnesota - Yep, more Gophers. Gominsky hit .385 (5 for 13), coaxed two free passes, doubled and stole a base. He also drove in three runs and scored seven runs.

BN: Brandon Wikoff, Illinois - Wikoff went eight for twelve (.667) over the weekend. He doubled, walked, drove in a run and scored four times.

BN: Justin Toole, Iowa - The Big Ten's Player of the Week (hey, I don't count every midweek game played) had a five for eleven (.455) set. Toole walked four times, scored five times and drove in two runs.

BN: Dominic Altobelli, Illinois - The senior hit .462 with a pair of doubles and a walk. Altobelli also scored three times and had five RBI.

BN: Tyson Blaser, Iowa - The Hawkeyes' catcher went five for eight (.625) in three games. Blaser doubled, scored three times and had two RBI.

BN: Chris Roberts, Michigan State - Roberts' beat-up my Golden Grizzlies with an eight for thirteen (.615) weekend. He tripled, walked, stole a base, got hit by a pitch, drove in a run and scored five times.

SP: Alex Wimmers, Ohio State - Another complete game shutout. Wimmers held Indiana's lineup to five hits and struck out fourteen. Not a single walk. He captured the Big Ten's Pitcher of the Week award.

SP: Scott Kelley, Penn State - Seven innings of three-hit baseball. No runs allowed, two walks and five strikeouts.

SP: Eric Katzman, Michigan - Ten K's over only six innings. Katzman gave up just one unearned run on four this and two walks.

SP: Calvin Grumley, Penn State - Two hits over six innings of work. Two walks, but no runs and a half dozen strikeouts.

RP: Austin Lubinsky, Minnesota - Four IP, one hit, no runs, no walks and four K's. Lubinsky claimed his first save of the season.

BP: Ben Reeser, Illinois - Three hits, a walk and six strikeouts over six innings. Reeser allowed two runs, but neither were earned.

BP: Matt Miller, Michigan - One hit, one walk and five K's in three innings of relief work. Miller didn't concede a run and picked up his second save.

BP: Nolan Moody, Michigan State - A complete game, six-hitter for the MSU senior. The righthander gave up four runs, three earned, two walks and fanned three.

BP: Blake Monar, Indiana - The frosh admirably dueled OSU's Wimmers, but came up on the wrong end. Monar yielded just four hits and two runs, but only one was earned. The lefty walked two and struck out six.

BP: Steve Turnbull, Iowa - Recorded his first save of the year by going 2.2 innings while surrendering only two hits. Nothing more. Turnbull also struck out six.

That's it for this week's team. You know the drill. The math is suspect. You are welcome to point out my errors, including any potential omissions you feel I've made, just have the courtesy to email me with them.


IUbaseballfan said...

For the Big Ten teams that do not win the conference title, how many wins do you guys think they need to get into the tournament?

It seems like this year we might actually get more than one team in so I thought I would ask.

Brian said...

I've been pondering something along this line for a couple of days, but haven't really taken the time to do any research.

The short answer is: The magic number for at-large consideration would probably still be at 40 wins.

The protracted answer: At this stage, Illinois and Minnesota, on the basis of their strong non-conference wins, could get by with less than that figure. Not a lot less, but less.

Michigan and Ohio State might be able to as well, based on cache, but the further away from 40 they are the less likely that happens.

There are just so many variables. RPI. SOS. Number of unexpected conference tournament winners claiming automatic berths.

Per usual, I could be horribly wrong. And the way this college baseball season is going, lots of us are going to be horribly wrong.

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