Monday, May 28, 2007

Wolverines, Gophers Are In

The drama didn't last all that long. Less than ten minutes into the NCAA Selection Show, we learned that both Michigan and Minnesota had joined Big Ten tournament champion Ohio State in the field of sixty-four.

Ohio State is the three seed in the College Station Regional. They will open with second seeded Louisiana-Lafayette. The one seed is, obviously, Texas A & M, who open with fourth seeded Le Moyne.

Michigan is the second seed in the Nashville Regional. They open with Memphis, the second seed. The host is Vanderbilt, the one seed and top seed in the entire nation. The Commodores will take on Austin Peay.

Minnesota, a third seed in the San Diego Regional, makes a trip out west to face traditional superpower Cal State Fullerton, the two seed. The one seed is San Diego who opens with a game against Fresno State, the fourth seed.

Congratulations to all three programs on making the NCAA Tournament. I'll state the obvious, I wish you much success. I also anticipate a much better showing than the general public does.

Just some other quick thoughts as I've got got a barbecue to fire up. (Charcoal, not propane, by the way.)

* I'm surprised the Big Ten got three teams in. Happy, but surprised.

* I'm surprised the Big East got three teams in. Six northern schools, including four at-large bids? Who would have thought that?

* I'm surprised the SEC got only five. I expect the complaining to begin in earnest.

* I cannot believe College of Charleston didn't make it. I thought Gonzaga kind of got shafted, as well. Other than that, I thought the committee did a pretty good job.

* Apparently, going two and out in the Big Ten Tournament didn't have much bearing on Michigan. They ended up a two seed. I figured a three was the best they could hope for having lost some steam over the last month. Of course, they did end up the in the regional hosted by national number one, Vanderbilt. One might view that as punishment.

* I'm also a bit surprised Ohio State got a three seed. I wasn't crazy about their non-conference schedule and they weren't terribly high in RPI, either. I know the folks in Columbus and me, for that matter, will take it, though.

* I could be crazy, but I have a good feeling about Minnesota out west. It's based on nothing but my initial reaction.

Perhaps, I'll have more on this later today. Again, I wish all the Big Ten programs the best and hope their supporters can get out to the regional sites.