Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Error On The Blogger

I received an email from Jeff Wuerth, the SID at The Ohio State University. Jeff points out that I made two mistakes. First, Buckeyes pitcher Jake Hale did not allow an earned run during his complete game start over on Saturday. On the All-Weekend Team, I indicate Jake yielded one earned run. Not so.

My second kicked ball of inning was saying that Hale " has spent most of the season as the Buckeyes closer ". Apparently, Mr. Hale never started a game this season. That was his role in 2006, but in '07 its been nothing but the bullpen prior to Saturday.

I made the changes to both posts, although I'm leaving my mistake regarding Hale's move from the 'pen in place with a note at the bottom of last Saturday's post referencing my mistake. For those scoring at home, that's two errors on the play. Charge them both to me. (And to think I was an all-glove, no-hit kind of player. Shameful.)

I make a slightly bigger stink about this in the hope that it will accomplish a number of things. First, I hope everyone in Columbus forgives me, particularly Jake Hale. Second, I want you to know when I'm flat wrong. I have no qualms about sharing my mistakes. It probably helps keep my ego in check. Third, I want you to know that you can contact me if you note an error. I've had to correct three or four things over the course of the season all of which came about as a result of reader email.

In all honesty, I never thought the mistakes would be quite so fruitful. Because of my errors, I realize that people actually read this weblog, which has been heartwarming. It has also been rewarding to interact with those of you who take time to read Big Ten Hardball. Of course, it's also added a degree of stress, as there is a bit more pressure in writing when you know others are checking your work. Nonetheless, I appreciate every correction sent my way.

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