Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Sweet Tops OPS

Last week I posted that there was a new OPS leader only to learn I was wrong. Not afraid to make the same mistake again, it appears to me that Iowa's Travis Sweet has climbed to the top of the Big Ten's OPS race.

The Hawkeyes' centerfielder has an on base plus slugging percentage of 1.132. Ryne White, Purdue's firstbaseman, is now in second at 1.126. Jason White, Sweet's teammate at Iowa, is in third place at 1..104. Fourth spot belongs to the previous leader, Lars Davis of Illinois. The potential conference Player of the Year has an OPS of 1.042.

Michigan's Nate Recknagel follows Davis at 1.094. Mike Mee, of Minnesota, is in sixth place at 1.075. Justin Toole, yet another Iowa hitter, is next at 1.046. The eighth and final Big Ten player with an OPS above 1.000 is our final Hawkeye. Iowa catcher Dusty Napoleon has an OPS of 1.042.

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