Wednesday, May 16, 2007

OPS Time

It's the last Wednesday of the regular season. That makes this the next to last installment of our weekly look at on base plus slugging percentage leaders. Which leads me to one conclusion -- the college baseball season is far too short. This season has disappeared quickly, hasn't it?

As for the numbers, we've got a new OPS leader in the Big Ten this week. It's Ryne White of Purdue. White, who continues the lead the conference in batting average as well, paces the field with an OPS of 1.176. Iowa's Travis Sweet checks in at number two with an OPS of 1.120. In third place, we find Lars Davis of Illinois at 1.097. Jason White, Iowa's shortstop, is next at 1.077.

Nate Recknagel of Michigan is fifth at 1.061. Recknagel is followed by Mike Mee of Minnesota. The Gophers' outfielder is at 1.054. In seventh is Justin Toole of Iowa at 1.020. The eighth and final spot this week belongs to Northwestern's Antonio Mule. Mule, a regular member of the list last season, has an OPS of 1.017.

I should point out that there is a 100 at bat minimum to qualify for this list. Why 100? Why not, 100, I say. It's completely arbitrary, like everything else here. It just seemed like a good representative number of AB's for this time of the year.

(My usual caveat: If I've done some poor math or screwed something else up, please drop me a note. My email address is in the right sidebar.)

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