Thursday, May 31, 2007

NCAA Tournament Time

Alright, it's time to get down to tournament talk. There are the usual suspects chatting up the tourney and I think I can provide enough links to other tournament related information that you should stay busy for a few minutes, anyway.

Here are how the three Big Ten programs previewed their regional. Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio State. Plus, here's the Big Ten's press release about the three universities.

Next, here are the links to all the schools in each regional that has a Big Ten representative.

Austin Peay

San Diego
Fresno State
Cal St. Fullerton

Texas A & M
Le Moyne
Ohio State

CSTV's Eric Sorenson previews the opening round of the NCAA Tournament in his Thursday Thoughts. Sorenson's ally, Doug Kroll, passes out love to St. John's. I'm happy to see the Big East land three teams in the field, as well. It's a good sign for everyone in the snowbelt to see as many teams from north of the Mason-Dixon line get in The Dance.

(Mandatory Midwest Disclaimer: While I'm happy for the Big East, I do get annoyed as it seems the east coast bias manages to pervade even college baseball. I don't believe for one stinkin' second the Big East is generally superior to the Big Ten. Yet, year-after-year, the Big East gets far more media attention than the Big Ten. Ridiculous. Had to get that in. Thanks for sitting through my inferiority complex.)

Yet another CSTVer, Glenn Tanner, takes a look at the top eight national seeds and their opposition this first weekend.

Texas college baseball blogger supreme, Joanna, notes the long delays between games of the regionals. It appears the NCAA has set them up like day/night doubleheaders in the Majors. Very odd.

Baseball America's Aaron Fitt discusses how the teams in the field were chosen. Think: strength of schedule.

Along those same lines, Corn Nation landed an interview with Damani Leech, NCAA Director of Football and Baseball. This Q & A took place prior to the announcement of the field, but is well worth the read.

My friends over at the College Baseball Blog look at all the regionals as do our allies over at Southern College The SCS boys go all out. Nice job.

Boyd Nation does his annual review of the selection committee's job and provides a variety of numbers for the entire field of 64.

The gang at Ping! make their predictions, too.

See, more than enough quality tournament coverage to go around. Hope you enjoy this weekend's action.