Wednesday, May 02, 2007

A Not-So-New OPS Leader

Originally, I had posted here that Michigan firstbaseman Nate Recknagel had grabbed the top spot in our weekly OPS review. Recknagel's on base plus slugging percentage is 1.153. However, a diligent reader pointed out that Illinois' Lars Davis had an OPS of 1.155, not the 1.115 I had listed. I checked my math and sure enough, Davis has a better OPS than Recknagel. My bad.

So, I owe apologies all over the place. To Lars Davis, Nate Recknagel, all of my readers and to my elementary school teachers, I'm sincerely sorry. Clearly, I failed all these groups on differing levels. I also owe a debt of gratitude to my reader that caught my mistake. (Yep, people actual read what I write. It surprises me, too.)

The revised OPS standings have Davis at 1.155. Then, Recknagel at 1.153. Purdue's Ryne White holds onto third at 1.121. The fourth spot is now held by Iowa's Travis Sweet. The Hawkeyes' centerfielder is at 1.118.

Mike Mee of Minnesota, who sits atop the league batting race, is in fifth at 1.110. Iowa's Jason White is next at 1.105. Purdue outfielder Jordan Comadena is in seventh place at 1.084. The eighth slot is owned by Dusty Napoleon 1.078. Michigan's Jason Christian rounds out the field at 1.013.

This, of course, assumes I have the remainder of the list correct. A mighty big assumption on my part, I admit. If I transposed another number or generally botched some basic math, drop me a line.

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