Tuesday, May 22, 2007

OPS A Day Early

If everything goes according to plan, I'll be in Ann Arbor for the conference tournament tomorrow and will blog about it once I return. (Sorry, no live blogging from The Fish.) That means I may not have time to complete my weekly look at on base plus slugging percentage on its usual day. That being the case, I've opted to provide the list a day early.

This, most likely, will be my final OPS list of the season. The conference tournament numbers may be included into the "official" mix, but the regular season is over from my perspective. I will point out that the minimum number of at bats to qualify is still 100. That's probably a bit low, but I'm happy with it and that's all that matters. Here is how the 1.000 + OPS club looks for 2007:

1) Ryne White, Purdue 1.184
2) Lars Davis, Illinois 1.146
3) Travis Sweet, Iowa 1.098
4) Nate Recknagel, Michigan 1.084
5) Jordan Comadena, Purdue 1.075
6) Derek Van Buskirk, Michigan 1.038
7) Jason White, Iowa 1.033
T8) Dusty Napoleon, Iowa 1.021
T8) Mike Mee, Minnesota 1.021
10) Zach Putnam, Michigan 1.009


Chuck said...

Oh now, I bet you cold pick up a signal from somewhere in the Fish....

Brian said...

Honestly, I've never brought the old notebook along to find out. Have you tried it?

Besides, I've got a pretty lame battery that needs an upgrade before next season.

Chuck said...

I'm a pretty new convert to Big Ten baseball and have only gone to four or five games at the Fish, with kids in tow. So no, I haven't checked it for myself. However, I do live in the neighborhood right there and the number of open wireless connections is really high.

Someone with a better battery and fewer calls on their attention should give it a try sometime.

Anonymous said...

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