Thursday, May 29, 2008

Rumors And Speculation

I did hear a rumor or two at the Big Ten Conference Tournament and thought I'd share them. The first concerns one of my two million pet peeves -- the neutral site host. For years, I've suggested that the Big 10 Tournament should be held at a neutral site. (Rest assured, I'm not alone on this one.) In the past, I've talked to some people in-the-know and was assured it wasn't on the docket due to expenses. However, I'm pleased to report, the tide might have made a slight turn.

The rumor is a few folks on the inside are starting to ponder a neutral site. Seems the logisitics are a big issue (duh!) and with a number of potential venues in the Big 10 market (Indy, Toledo, Grand Rapids, Columbus, etc....) available, a very modest, completely unofficial discussion has started.

I can't report who is doing the talking. Nor can I tell you who might be listening. Hey, it's a rumor floated to a blogger. You want credibility and names, look elsewhere.

Even if it's true, don't think for a minute that this is a sign of things to come. It's not, to paraphrase Winston Churchill, "a beginning of the end, but the end of the beginning". Just because a few folks at a few schools might be talking about it (finally) doesn't mean we will see it go any further than that.

In the remote possiblity it might become something more official, it would still take years to hammer out all the details. It took over two years just to eliminate the doubleheader Saturdays. If this thing became a reality, my guess is we wouldn't see a neutral site host any earlier than 2012.

The second tip I received said to keep an ear towards East Lansing. Apparently, the Michigan State folks might be making a baseball related announcement within the next month. Again, nothing concrete in terms of subject matter was provided. I'm speculating a further facilities improvement at Kobs Field might be announced. Again, it's nothing more than a rumor. For all I/we know, all could stay quiet on the Eastern (Lansing) Front.


Chuck said...

Is it just me, or does anyone else see video links on MGoBlue?? Out of towners can watch the Regionals, it appears.

Todd Lamb said...

Interesting mention in today's Columbus Dispatch about the city's bid to bring the Big Ten Baseball Tournament the new Huntington Park in downtown as early as next year.

Anonymous said...

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