Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Nominating Newbies

I was asked to submit nominations for a freshmen all-america team. Now, I'm going to work on my list, but I don't get to see everyone. So, I've decided to give you a chance to participate. If your school, another Big Ten program or any other DI school has some first year players you feel are worthy of being named to a freshmen all-america team, here's your chance to give them some love.

I need their name, position and stats (at least through May 11). You can submit them in the comments section or by email. My email address is in the sidebar. Alas, we don't have much time. I'll need these names by Friday night.

Now, submitting their names only gets them onto my nomination list. How many on my list will make the initial ballot, I can't say. However, as the old saying goes, you can't win, if you don't play. Nominate early and often. (Duplicates, however, are not necessary.)


kowisja said...
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kowisja said...

Going back to the last post, newest BA projection still has SDU coming to Ann Arbor with ND and Missouri. It appears to be getting more difficult each projection, but at least they don't have them traveling to Georgia.

And by the way, I really don't like Aaron Fitt as a writer. Using the cliche "deeper than ever" I think put it over the top. Then again sentences like this don't really follow logic either:

Most conferences (especially the Sun Belt, Big Ten and Atlantic Coast) have fewer regional-worthy teams this year than they did in 2007, and the SEC will capitalize by sending nine teams to regionals for the second time in four years.

Brian, thank you for this blog.

Brian said...

kowisja, BA's got one stinkin' tough bracket projected for Ann Arbor. SD would, I presume, be the top seed. They feature Player of the Year candidate Brian Matusz on the hill.

Missouri has two POY candidates in P Aaron Crow and OF Jacob Priday. ND is ND, thus tons of national appeal and they've got a kid hitting around .450 last I checked.

I guess the Tigers would be the three seed and ND the fourth, so Putnam and Crow might be a head-to-head match-up on the first day. What a game for both MLB scouts and fans alike.

Actually, you could see three first-team all-america pitchers on the first day presuming Matusz took the hill for SD.

I'm not going to jump on Aaron over cliches, as I'm guiltier than most of that offense. When you have to write all the time, it's a nearly inevitable.

As we mentioned before, my problem with BA is just a general decline in the quantity of coverage.

As for the blog, well, as uncomfortable as I am to say this, you are welcome.

A survey of the college baseball media landscape, such as it is, does reveal why I began typing -- there is void in coverage.

I realize BTH is not an exceptional blog. However, much like an old Soviet election, I'm generally running unopposed.

BaseballBucks33 said...

Brian, I think you do a great job with the blog. I love it and has been great all year.

I don't read BA much either.It is ok,but to be honest unitl the NCAA's i only really follow the Big Ten.Every now and then i catch a game from outside the Big Ten.

As for a freshman from Ohio State,it would be Redshirt freshman Pitcher Dean Wolosiansky. He has been great all year on the hill.

7-2, 3.82, 12 Games,10 Starts 7 CG, 61.1 IP,72 H, 24 BB, 35 K, 1 HR given up, Opp. Ba .282, 7 2b given up

Chuck said...

RF Ryan Lamarre of Michigan. His stats this year are definitely respectable, but really climbing the past couple of weeks, as he is hitting .500 his last six games, with 11 hits and his first career HR.

Stats through 5-13-08:

.279 41-31 111 20 31 4 0 1 17 38 .342 6 4 19 2 .339 0 5 8-12 66 1 2 .971

Brian P. Foley said...

Brian does a great job here covering the Big Ten and I can't cover the Big Ten in depth like him without a great writer.

Anonymous said...

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