Saturday, May 17, 2008

IU/MSU Photos

Here is one of the best freshman in the country -- Indiana's Jerrud Sabourin. How good is the Hoosiers' firstbaseman? He walked into a very talented lineup and spent much of his initial campaign hitting in the cleanup spot. Sabourin should get some all-conference consideration this year and will deserve all-america attention in 2009.
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kowisja said...

1) You're picture taking skills aren't that bad. I could do worse.

2) So the BTN isn't showing games 1-5 in the tournament why? On Wednesday during game hours we're getting a rerun of Plays of the Year, a rerun of Big10 Short Stories, and 4 greatest games of football.

Don't even get me started on what they are showing from 10am-12pm. I think Vet School Diaries - Large Animal Hospital speaks for itself.

Thursday's schedule conflicts with the 2007 Motor City Bowl (jesus, that's a greatest game?), a '95 Rose Bowl, then more independent school programming ripped right off the school's local tv stations and having nothing to do with sports. I'll concede the late game to the Track & Field Championships just as its a debut with other non-revenue sports. The Golf Championship before it I question as its not even the debut of it.

This is pretty crappy. BTN can't even afford to show the early games and have sold large portions of their daily programming to local school programming that has no relationship to sports.

BaseballBucks33 said...

Yeah i agree nice Photos!

Bashmore for IU is a stud, he is fun to watch.That should be a good matchup with Penn State on Wednesday.

I think we will be up for the Tourny on Thursday.I want to go up on Wednesday,but have a work thing.

I also can't believe the BTN.I watched the OSU/Iowa and ILL/PUR games saturday.I was not very impressed with there coverage.I don't even get the Darn channel,but do miss it sometimes. Why in the world would you not broadcast the first 5 games. I thought that was the reason the BTN was on the air. There programing can leave a lot to be desired for.I don't understand what is more important a old football game or LIVE Big Ten Baseball for Ann Arbor.That i don't get!! I understand the Big Ten does not care much for our baseball, but others do.

Brian said...

There are two reasons BTN won't televise all the tournament games. First, as always, is money. It costs more cash to broadcast a live event than it does to hit the "play" button on the tape machine.

Second, and I hate to keep saying this, but it's true, the conference doesn't care about baseball. Some individual programs do, but the Big 10 office could care less.

Thanks for the compliments on the photos. I have to attribute the photography skills to a new camera. That and, perhaps, hanging around some good photographers has rubbed off a bit.

kowisja said...

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say we will never see it tape delayed either. BTN shows no sign of even filming the games. Has anyone seen an internet radio link yet?

Interesting poll on Which baseball jersey is the fan favorite? So far the Maize jersey is in the lead with 36%. Blue is 28.2. White with pinstripes (blah!) 17.9%. White 12.8%. Gray 5%.

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