Thursday, May 22, 2008

Big 10 Tournament: Day Two

Yesterday was dominated by pitching. Today's first two affairs went in the opposite direction. Bats ruled the afternoon as Indiana beat Ohio State in ten innings, 10-8, and as Purdue stomped on Penn State, 15-6. IU's Chris Hervey went 5 for 5 with two RBI to lead the Hoosiers' charge. Josh Phegley and Jerrud Sabourin also drove in two as IU kept their season alive.

Tony Kennedy had three hits and three RBI to pace the Buckeyes counter-offensive. The loss, however, eliminated Ohio State from the tournament.

In the second game, Purdue plated six in the first inning and never looked back. Dan Black was the star going 4 for 4 with two homers and six RBI. Jonathon Lilly had three hits and three RBI. The win move the Boilers into the winner's bracket.

Rob Yodice's three-run homer was the highlight for PSU. The Nittany Lions will now face Indiana in an elimination game tomorrow at noon.

After the daylight produced all kinds of offensive fireworks, the setting sun saw the bats cool off and the pitchers return to the forefront. Michigan's Zach Putnam and Illinois Scott Shaw dueled in the twilight, however, it was Putnam's Wolverines that prevailed, 5-2. Shaw worked 6.2 tough innings yeilding just six hits. Shaw did surrender six walks and, eventually, four runs.

Putnam went seven innings giving up two runs on five hits and three walks. Michael Powers pitched the final two frames to earn a save. The big hit was Adam Abraham's two-run single in the seventh.

The loss drops Illinois into tomorrow's second game. The Illini will face the winner of the Indiana/Penn State rematch. That middle game Friday will also be an elimination game. Michigan advances into the winner's bracket where they will take on Purdue in Friday's last game of the day.

Update: Yeah, I screwed this up. As is noted in the comments, Illinois and Indiana squared off in Friday's first game, while Penn State awaited the winner in the mid-afternoon affair. Thanks to all for catching my mistake.


kowisja said...

Shouldn't Illinois be playing Indiana? They are the lower seed.

Alton said...

Yes, it's Indiana-Illinois. Penn State gets the bye because they are the #3 seed and Illinois is #4.

#4 Illinois v #6 Indiana, noon
#3 Penn State v noon winner, 3:30
#1 Michigan v #2 Purdue, 7:00

Chuck said...

I have a poorly timed meeting that will cause me to miss almost all of the first game. With luck I'll get to watch the second and make it to the park for the nightcap.

kowisja said...

Anybody know if we'll be subjected to the same umpires behind the plate today? Every report I've heard said the outside corner ranged from a foot outside to 6 inches into the plate.

Any comments about the Berset interference call either? Everything I've heard has been from Michigan fans, which I could assume to be a bit biased.

lovetowatch said...

The call was legitimate. He fell over the plate swinging at an offspeed pitch away and because of Johnson's 3/4 arm angle he hit him directly in the helmet. I sat behind the plate all game and it seemed like Putnam got several questionable pitch calls that Shaw did not. I felt like Shaw got squeezed because of the constant complaining from the Michigan fans and coaches. The outside corner was not that generous. If you know baseball it was a standard big ten umpired game.

kowisja said...

New Regional Projections

Michigan would host Florida, St Johns, UI-Chicago. It appears they think Florida lost a bid to host after going 2 and out in the SEC tournament.

What's with all these #1 seeds dropping out in 2? Georgia and Rice both went right out and failed.

kowisja said...

great games top to bottom today. Indiana is the luckiest team ever, but hey, they keep on winning. Lets see how they do now that their pitching is run out.

Seriously, Cox was ridiculous in the 9th against penn state.

Purdue/Michigan started out better than expected. Cook was lights out to start. I started to worry (more because my buddy was at the game, and all 4 games he's been to in the last 2 years Michigan has lost). Luck changed today.

Go Blue!

Chuck said...

I was at both games, and while there were a few WTF? calls tonight, they were not as frequent, and it was more like the ump missed calling something, rather than the strike zone wandering around throughout the game, for all pitchers, like last night. Bit I am an M fan, so I could be blinded by partisan feelings.

Cook was great for four innings. But boy, when things started to go bad, Purdue seemed to lose their composure.

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