Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Next-To-Last Weekend

Saturday play is already underway. Illinois and Ohio State completed their suspended game from last night with the Illini prevailing, 9-4. The Illini win puts them at 15-10 and alone in third place. The loss drops OSU to 11-13. The Buckeyes are tied for sixth with Michigan State, but I believe would win the tiebreaker with the Spartans as they took two of three in East Lansing.

While at West Lafayette, MSU has taken a 7-0 lead in the third inning over Purdue. A win would, albeit temporarily, put the Spartans into sixth place alone. In the other dugout, another Purdue loss would drop them to only a single game lead over Illinois for second place. Guess where Purdue finishes the year? Yep, Urbana-Champaign.

I'll be back later, as my plans to visit Columbus have been scratched for less entertaining endeavors. Feel free to post your thoughts and scores as the weekend progresses.

Scoreboard Update (3:00pm EST)
Michigan State 10 Purdue 3 5th
Indiana 1 Northwestern 0 4th
Ohio State 3 Illinois 1 2nd
Penn State 2 Iowa 0 2nd

Scoreboard Update (5:50pm EST)
Michigan @ Minnesota - Delay
Michigan State 11 Purdue 3
Purdue 5 Michigan State 2 4th inning
Ohio State 9 Illinois 2
Ohio State 3 Illinois 1 4th inning
Indiana 2 Northwestern 1
Northwestern 6 Indiana 2 4th inning
Penn State 6 Iowa 5
Penn State 0 Iowa 0 1st inning

The standings based on the above results:
Michigan 21-4
Purdue 17-9
Illinois 15-11
Penn State 13-13
Ohio State 12-13
Michigan State 12-13
Northwestern 12-14
Indiana 10-16
Minnesota 8-17
Iowa 8-18

Once again weather may play a factor. I presume the rain that's expected across much of Big Ten country tomorrow has arrived in Minneapolis and is delaying the start of the Wolverines at Gophers doubleheader. I'm no meteorologist, but I'm guessing precipitation might cost us the games at West Lafayette and Evanston on Sunday. Columbus may be in danger, too, but in my professional opinion, will get in before the raindrops. (Hey, my guess is as good as there's.)

Don't forget that the final weekend of the regular season runs from Thursday through Saturday.

I hope to report back with all the finals later this evening.

Update: This is what happens when you don't check your blog's comments before posting. UM fan Chuck reports that Michigan @ Minnesota is a washout and they will try to play two tomorrow.

Scoreboard Update:
Ohio State 14 Illinois 8
Northwestern 10 Indiana 8
Penn State 13 Iowa 9
Purdue 6 Michigan State 2

One of the two Michigan @ Minnesota games has been canceled. The other will be played as part of a doubleheader tomorrow.

Michigan 21-4
Purdue 18-9
Illinois 15-12
Penn State 14-13
Ohio State 13-13
Northwestern 13-14
Michigan State 12-14
Indiana 10-17
Minnesota 8-17
Iowa 8-19