Monday, April 23, 2007

Welcome To The Party, NCBWA

The National Collegiate Baseball Writers Association has finally seen fit to rank Michigan in its Top 30. While the Wolverines sneak into the NCBWA poll at number twenty-nine, at least they are in. Finally. Even the notoriously anti-northern school, Baseball America (I can feel an email coming in as I type that) had Michigan ranked before my NCBWA brethren saw fit to.

I also see that Minnesota and Ohio State garnered votes this week. I know it must pain you folks to have to vote for northern schools, but take some solace knowing you did the right thing. I don't care what any of them do the rest of the year, but all three merit votes at this moment.

Should I mention that Penn State sits in third place in the Big Ten and handed North Carolina a loss in Chapel Hill? I'm asking for too much, aren't I? (Since I'm asking for stuff, where is my NCBWA membership card? The season is almost over. No doubt it will get permanently lost in the mail after this post.)

Not only did the NCBWA relent, the USA Today/ESPN Coaches' poll conceded today and they included Michigan, as well. (Does ESPN really deserve to be associated with the coaches' poll? They don't even show up until tournament time. And don't even mention ESPNU. When it's in more than ten households, let me know. Yes, I'm hammering everyone tonight.) The writers and the coaches voted for Michigan? I say we make tomorrow a holiday.

Don't fret too much poll voters. Look on the positive side. If Big Ten programs can start competing with the traditional superpowers of college baseball, it will just bring more fans, more television ratings, more exposure and more money to the sport. Isn't that what we all want?


Brian P. Foley said...

No membership card here either....

Ian C. said...

Bearing your fangs is a good look for you, my friend.