Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A Little Home Cookin'

I've mentioned here once or twice (or forty times) before, but many years ago Oakland University cashed some checks I wrote in return of a few semesters of higher education. As such, I have a soft spot for the Golden Grizzlies. Now, OU is primarily a basketball school (with apologies to the fine soccer and swimming programs), so when a baseball Grizzly nabs some national attention, it bears repeating. (No pun intended.)

OU senior firsbaseman Ryan Heath cranked out three, count 'em, three, grand slams in a Sunday doubleheader. Heath also added another homer for good measure, giving him four homers, a double, five runs scored and an incredible fourteen RBI. In two games! That amazing performance led to Heath being named the Louisville Slugger National Player of the Week. Heath's once in a lifetime twinbill also garnered him the Hitter of the Week Award from the National Collegiate Baseball Writers Association.

I don't care what level of baseball you are at, when you go 5 for 7 in a doubleheader with four homers, including three grand slams, and drive in fourteen runs, that's a mighty fine outing. One that deserves mentioning even if this is a Big Ten baseball weblog.