Thursday, April 19, 2007

Thursday OPS

Since I'm running a day behind my self-imposed time line, I'm only going to charge you half price on this week's OPS totals. Think of it like going to the bakery and getting day old doughnuts at 50% off, but without the trans fat.

The Big Ten leader in on base plus slugging percentage remains Illinois' Lars Davis. Davis' OPS is 1.181. Charging into second place is Michigan's Nate Recknagel. The Wolverines' 1B is at 1.114. Third is Purdue's Ryne White at 1.094. Dusty Napoleon of Iowa is next at 1.093. The Hawkeyes' catcher is followed by another Boilermaker, Jordan Comadena. The Purdue outfielder has an OPS of 1.084.

Two players are tied for the sixth. Zach Putnam of Michigan and Minnesota's Mike Mee have an OPS of 1.045. Next is Jason Christian of Michigan who has a 1.009 OPS. Ohio State 2B Jason Zoeller is the last everyday player on the list at 1.007.