Wednesday, April 04, 2007

It's OPS Night!

A tradition unlike any other. Oh, wait. That's somebody else's tagline, isn't it? Nonetheless, it's Wednesday which means it's OPS night here at Big Ten Hardball. In the middle of each week, I spend countless minutes adding on base percentage and slugging percentage numbers together (with a calculator, of course) and provide you with the conference's OPS leaders. Why? Because I clearly haven't got my priorities in order, that's why.

Regardless of my immature behavior or the motivation behind it, here are the figures I came up with just moments ago.

This week's OPS leader is Lars Davis of Illinois. The Illini catcher has an OPS of 1.195. In second place is Minnesota's Mike Mee at 1.162. Dusty Napoleon, Iowa's catcher, is at 1.139. Purdue outfielder Jordan Comadena is next at 1.124. Secondbaseman Jason Zoeller of Ohio State is fifth in OPS at 1.117. The sixth spot is held by Iowa's Justin Toole at 1.106.

The second half of our OPS review begins with Ryne White of Purdue at 1.103. Shortstop Jason Christian of Michigan is next at 1.090. Another secondbaseman, Michigan State's Steve Gerstenberger, is in ninth with an OPS of 1.028. In tenth, we find Michigan's Nate Recknagel at 1.027. The eleventh and final spot is occupied by Northwestern's Antonio Mule at 1.026.