Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Tuesday Is OPS Day

And then there were six. The list of Big Ten regulars maintaining an OPS mark above 1.000 is down to a half dozen. Five of whom will be facing off against each other this weekend as Ohio State travels to Oldsmobile Park to take on Michigan State. Here are this week's on base + slugging percentage leaders.

Mitch Hilligoss, Purdue 1.124
Ronnie Bourquin, Ohio State 1.091
Eric Fryer, Ohio State 1.051
Jedidiah Stephen, Ohio State 1.044
Ryan Basham, Michigan State 1.026
Steve Gerstenberger, Michigan State 1.000

Then there are our friends in the Mid-American Conference. Yes, for the second week in a row, you get MAC OPS numbers. Please restrain your excitement.

Ben Humphrey, Central Michigan 1.144
Drew Saylor, Kent State 1.056
Brian Toner, Northern Illinois 1.044
Kurt Eichorn, Kent State 1.034
Willie Walker, Ohio 1.033
Bryan Mitzel, Central Michigan 1.029
Brad Miller, Ball State 1.014