Sunday, May 21, 2006

Big Ten Tournament Field

Here is how the Big Ten Baseball Tournament shapes up. On Wednesday, Minnesota (fourth seed) will play Illinois (fifth seed) at noon. In the second game, Ohio State (third seed) will take on Purdue (sixth seed) at 3:30pm.

On Thursday, the lowest seeded winner of those two contests takes on host Michigan (first seed) at 7pm. The winner with the highest seed will play Northwestern (second seed) at 3:30pm. The opening game of the day, at noon, will be the elimination game between the losers of Wednesday's games.

After that, and, perhaps, before my attempt at an explanation, it's best to refer to the bracket. There will be another tripleheader on Friday and a doubleheader Saturday that may determine the tournament champion. There is a chance that a single Sunday game may be necessary.

As of this moment, I'm hoping to be at most of these games. My boss doesn't know this yet, so don't ruin my little surprise for him. For those in search of tickets to the Big Ten Tournament, I'm afraid I don't have an ounce of information.