Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Maiking A List, Checking It Twice, Or Maybe Three Times

This week's NCAA tournament predictions begin with The Rosenblatt Report's Kendall Rogers. For my Big Ten centric readers, Mr. Rogers envisions Northwestern in the Big Baseball Dance. He's got the Wildcats out in Corvallis facing host Oregon State.

SEBaseball.com's Mark Etheridge takes his weekly shot at the field, too. Mr. Etheridge forsees Michigan in the tournament. (I like Mr. Etheridge's predictions a bit better as he feels both Notre Dame and Kentucky could host opening round series. In addition, check out one of the Irish opponents in the bracket. That might convince me to be in South Bend that weekend.)

Before this past weekend's action, Boyd Nation offered his weekly views on the tournament make-up. When it comes to our conference of focus here, Mr. Nation smartly avoids trying to guess which one of the clubs is going to emerge victorious. He's just slotted a "Big Ten" spot. As always, smart decision from college baseball's premier number cruncher. (Hope you don't mind that label, Mr. Nation.)

Last, but certainly not least, Ben at Southern College Sports.com makes his predicitions for the field of 64. Ben takes Michigan as the Big Ten representative. From a purely selfish standpoint, I like his notion of the Wolverines opening NCAA tournament play at Kentucky. Lexington is a distance I can handle. Plus, my wife--a horse lover, thus a Kentucky lover--endorses your opinion, Ben.