Sunday, May 21, 2006

Records Against Each Other

Here is how the six teams in the Big Ten Tournament faired against each other this year.

1-3 vs. Northwestern
2-2 @ Illinois
4-0 vs. Ohio State
3-1 @ Purdue
3-1 @ Minnesota

3-1 @ Michigan
Did not play Ohio State
3-1 vs. Illinois
2-2 @ Purdue
2-2 vs. Minnesota

Ohio State
0-4 @ Michigan
Did not play Northwestern
3-1 vs. Illinois
3-1 vs. Purdue
1-2 vs. Minnesota

2-2 vs. Michigan
1-3 @ Northwestern
1-3 @ Ohio State
2-2 vs. Purdue
3-1 @ Minnesota

1-3 vs. Michigan
2-2 vs. Northwestern
1-3 @ Ohio State
2-2 @ Illinois
Did not play Minnesota

1-3 vs. Michigan
2-2 @ Northwestern
2-1 @ Ohio State
1-3 vs. Illinois
1-3 vs. Purdue

I'm not sure what we gain from this data. (Other than I can change font colors.) We do learn that Minnesota is looking for revenge against opening round opponent, Illinois. So, too, is Purdue. The Boilermakers got handed the same 1-3 record in Columbus versus Ohio State that the Gophers left Champaign with.

However, this is a double elimination tournament--you can toss out records and cliches at random.

There is much more to type, but it's late and we know I have to get up early and tell my manager I need a few days off. More to come tomorrow. Maybe I'll even get to telling you just how great the first game of Saturday's doubleheader between Iowa and Michigan was. Certainly, I hope to provide even more meaningless information about the tournament, as well.