Tuesday, May 05, 2009

That's Going To Leave A Mark

There are losses and then there are losses. (25) Ohio State traveled down to Louisville today and promptly got hammered by the Cardinals, 21-5. Normally, at this point, you would expect me to rant about how Big Ten teams are perpetually failing in these midweek endeavors.

While the sentiment rings true, especially for those squads vying for NCAA at-large berths, I'm a bit weary of fighting for truth, justice and equity for northern baseball this week. So, no rant is forthcoming. I'll let the 21 runs speak for themselves.

Michigan did about the same amount of damage as Louisville did. The Wolverines thumped Western Michigan, 20-1. Mike Dufek's 6-for-6, 2 homer, six RBI game is the story from Kalamazoo.

Valparaiso is attempting to make a run at the twenty-run club against Northwestern. Valpo leads NU, 13-2. It's only the fourth inning.

Minnesota has their hands full with North Dakota State. It's 6-5, Gophers, in the eighth.

Illinois leads Western Illinois, 6-1. It's the sixth inning. Dominic Altobelli has three hits and three RBI thus far.

Iowa leads Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 7-3, in the eighth inning. Kurtis Muller has two hits, two runs and two RBI for the Hawkeyes.