Friday, May 29, 2009

Not A Good Start

The Big Ten went 0-3 in today's opening day of NCAA regional play. Georgia destroyed Ohio State, 24-8. Baylor shutout Minnesota, 5-0. Finally, Louisville downed Indiana, 8-2. It's the loser's bracket and elimination games for all on Saturday.

I think it safe to say that overall it was an awful performance for the conference on Friday. As such, I don't find a compelling reason to review the stats. That will just compound the misery.

Let's do what the players need to do -- put today behind us and focus on Saturday. Minnesota will play Southern. Indiana gets Vanderbilt. Ohio State is awaiting the loser of the Florida State vs. Marist contest. Although, it should be noted that FSU is leading in the seventh. Regardless of who the Buckeyes draw, we know they'll be in the early game.