Sunday, May 03, 2009

Illini Sweep And Take First Place

Tonight's chat at the College Baseball Blog ran long, that late discussion over the NCAA's legislation on scheduling didn't help, so I'm running behind. Let's just quickly recap what's most important and what you probably already know -- the standings.

However, let's keep in mind that the caveats about my math remain. In fact, I would say there's even a better chance than normal that I've made an error. The hour and the fact I've been discussing things like the inequity in college baseball and the need for conference tournaments have probably conspired to limit by ability to think properly.

Illinois swept Northwestern and combined with Michigan's win over Ohio State, took over first place in the Big Ten (14-4). Minnesota (13-4) remains hot on the Illini's heels with a sweep of their own over Iowa. The Buckeyes (13-5), who took two of three from Michigan, are in third.

Indiana's (11-6) lost two of three to Purdue and find themselves in fourth place. Fifth belongs to surprising Michigan State (11-7). The Spartans got to use a broom as well as they took three straight from Penn State. The sixth spot, and final conference tournament slot, belongs to Purdue (7-10).

Michigan (7-11) is seventh, Penn State (5-13) eighth, Northwestern (3-13) ninth and Iowa (3-14) tenth. My apologies if I have misplaced your university in the standings.