Sunday, April 06, 2008

Sunday Rundown

Indiana 8 Illinois 1
Ok, I can't find a link to a boxscore or a recap of this game. What's up with that? If time permits, I'll try again later.

Illinois 7 Indiana 4
Brandon Wikoff was 3 for 3 and Dominic Altobelli had a three hit performance, as well. Freshman Illinois OF Casey McMurray drove in two. Scott Shaw pitched all seven innings to post his third win. IU freshman 1B Jerrud Sabourin homered and drove in two in the loss. Josh Phegley also went yard and kept himself in the conference Player of the Year race.

Penn State 10 Michigan 1 (box)
PSU starter Ryan Stobart (1-2) ends Michigan's undefeated Big Ten run. Stobart yields one run on six hits and a walk over seven innings to lift the Lions to victory. Calvin Grumley and Drew O'Neil each worked a scoreless inning to close out the Wolverines. Cory Wine had three hits, three runs and three RBI. Rob Yodice also drove in three for PSU. The Nittany Lions plated ten runs without the aid of an extra base hit.

Northwestern 5 Michigan State 4 (box)
Jake Owens' RBI double wins it for NU in the bottom of the ninth. Freshman 3B Chris Lashmet had three RBI for the Wildcats. Matt Havey got the win in relief. Havey worked 3.2 innings giving up only a hit and a walk. Justin Potes and Eric Roof both had a pair of hits for MSU.

Ohio State 8 Minnesota 7 (box)
Cory Kovanda, Ryan Dew and Dan Burkhart all drove in two runs. Tyler Engle had three hits. Eric Best pitched three innings of one-hit shutout relief to post the win. Nate Hanson had three hits and Jeff DeSmidt homered and drove in three.

Purdue 16 Iowa 3 (box)
Boilermakers' 2B Ben Wolgamot was 4 for 4 with three runs and three RBI. Brandon Haveman had three hits and scored four times. Jordan Comadena had two hits, two runs, two RBI and walked twice. Dan Black hit a grandslam. Jon Moore had three hits. Eric Nielsen went yard. Chris Ivanic got the win. Kyle Cook recorded his first save. Tyson Blaser was 3 for 3 and Caleb Curry homered for Iowa.

Here's what the standings look like after Sunday's games (conference record first; overall second):

Michigan 7-1; 17-8
Purdue 6-2; 13-14
Illinois 5-2; 16-8
Ohio State 5-3; 16-9
Indiana 3-4; 14-11
Minnesota 3-5; 13-14
Michigan State 3-5; 11-14
Northwestern 3-5; 7-14
Penn State 3-5; 9-17
Iowa 1-7; 8-17

Keep in mind that Indiana and Illinois play again Monday, so the standings will change tomorrow.


rockybuckeye said...

Some random notes of mine...

Illinois-Michigan this upcoming weekend, see if the Illini are serious.

Purdue, hate to say I told you so, but so far so good.

Penn State should be relieved to be done with Mich and OSU 2 weeks in.

Ohio State's 5th best starting pitcher won 3 game, allowing 1 run in 7 IP against Minnesota. Deepest rotation in the league easily.

Zach Putnam and JB Shuck are putting together quite the seasons to see who is the Big Ten's best two-way player.

Minny's bullpen will hurt them a lot. They're not the 6th best Big Ten team, but not top 3 right now either.

Poor Iowa. Anybody have the scoop their. I know they didn't have Pedro Alverez, but this team beat Vandy?

BaseballBucks33 said...

The fighting Illini win big over IU 18-8 today.Illinois scored 9 runs in the 4th and 6 runs in the 9th inning.1B Ryan Hastings went 5-6 2B,2 RBI and C Aaron Johnson went 3-6 HR,5 RBI. Illinois is now 17-8, 6-2.

I have to say i am suprised how many runs they have scored this year.They are hitting .325 as a team. I thought they would have a hard time scoring runs this year in league play.They are very young and have alot of JC kids.

Big weekend vs. Michigan starting Friday in Champaign.

Brian said...

rb, since the insertions of Haveman and Walgamot to the top of the order, Purdue has been much better with the bats. Those two are setting the table for White and Black. We all know about their pitching.

We also know I'm not allowed to say to say too many nice things about the Boilers, lest they go belly up, so I'll refrain from commenting any further out of respect for my Purdue readers.

I do like OSU's pitching depth. Shuck is in the running for Player of the Year. I hope to see OSU/MSU this weekend.

Minnesota appears to be like a team with lots of youngsters, which, I guess, they are. I still wouldn't want to face them in an elimination game.

Drew, this Illini side is very balanced offensively, as today's stats have shown. Altobelli's on the fringe of the POTY chase and Hudson is probably in that mix, too.

rockybuckeye said...

5 teams are at 3-5.

Who looks to be the "top two" and make the field of six?

I'm still sticking with PSU as one. Their pitching the last two weekends have been great, limiting UM to 2 runs in the bookends of the series, holding OSU in tame outside of the 15-0 spanking Friday.

And Minnesota will still probably get the job done.

Michigan, Purdue, Illinois, OSU, PSU, Minny? Sounds a lot like the last few years, hopefully someone mixes it up to makes it interesting.

What are the other two series this weekend? I knw OSU @ MSU, UM @ Illinois. PSU-NW? Minny-IU?

Brian said...

Minnesota @ Northwestern and PSU @ Purdue round out this weekend.

I can't disagree about PSU's pitching and they have enough experienced players to continue to move up the standings.

Yet, if I was forced to take two from the 3-5 bunch, I guess I'd go with the Gophers and Hoosiers. That's today, though. Tomorrow, I might go Spartans and Lions.

I might actually like both MSU & PSU's pitching more, so why I'm going the other way is a mystery.

Anonymous said...

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