Sunday, April 27, 2008

IU Drops Michigan, Purdue Within One Game Of First

The Big Ten race got a bit tighter again on Sunday. Here's the Sunday scoreboard.

Indiana 11 Michigan 4
Tyler Tufts pitches a complete game for IU. Tufts allows seven hits and seven walks, but wins for the third time as IU splits their weekend with #24 Michigan. Jerrud Sabourin goes 4 for 5 and Josh Phegley collects two hits, two RBI and scores three times. Phegley and Michigan's Adam Abraham both knocked out their seventh homers of the season.

Michigan State 11 Iowa 10
The Spartans break a 10-10 tie in the bottom of the ninth to win it. MSU's Eric Roof has two hits and three RBI. Steve Gerstenberger goes yard for the second time this year. Ryan MacFarlane tosses two innings of hitless relief to notch the W. Kyle Riffel's two hits and three RBI pace Iowa.

Purdue 6 Minnesota 4
Nick Overmyer has two hits and two RBI to lead Purdue past the Gophers. Brandon Haveman and Dan Black also had a pair of hits. Kyle Cook (3-1) worked 6.1 innings giving up four hits, three walks and one earned run. Eric Decker led the Gophers' attack with two hits, a run and a RBI. The win pulled the Boilermakers within a game of Michigan for first place.

Northwestern 14 Ohio State 8
Max Mann had three RBI while Mike Kalina and Jake Owens each drove in two for NU. Chris Lashmet had two hits, a RBI and scored four times. Jonahtan Purcell posted his first win of the year. Matt Havey's fourth save was four innings long. Ryan Meade and Tony Kennedy both had three hit games for OSU.

Illinois 17 Penn State 6
Kyle Hudson had three hits, three runs scored and two RBI for the Illini. Daniel Webb had two hits, two runs scored, three walks and three RBI. Freshman Casey McMurray was a perfect 4 for 4 with three runs scored, a walk and a RBI. Brandon Wikoff also drove in three for Illinois. Starter Billy Barrett's five innings of work were enough to get the win. Wes Borden drove in two PSU tallies and Ryan Boonie had two hits, two walks, a run scored and a RBI.

Here are the updated standings.

Michigan 17-3
Purdue 16-4
Illinois 11-9
Ohio State 10-9
Penn State 10-10
Northwestern 10-10
Michigan State 7-12
Minnesota 6-14
Iowa 6-14
Indiana 6-14

I think it's safe to assume that the Wolverines are probably back outside the top twenty-five. The bigger question is how far will their RPI drop with two losses in Bloomington?

The Boilers have now pulled within a game of the first place Wolverines. Let's take a peek at both program's remaining schedules.

Ohio State
@ Minnesota

@ Indiana
Michigan State
@ Illinois

I would say the schedule favors the Boilermakers, even though they've got two road trips, but you are welcome to disagree. Regardless of my opinion, this has been an odd season and clearly anything could happen over the next three weeks.

The complete schedule for next weekend looks like this: OSU @ Michigan, Purdue @ IU, Minnesota @ Iowa, Northwestern @ Illinois and Michigan State @ Penn State.


kowisja said...

Man, one game our offense is silenced, another game our pitching falls apart. Losing 2/4 to the last place team in the conference is tough. Hopefully IU plays just as hard next week and do something similar to Purdue. I somewhat hope Michigan just underestimated IU and learned from that mistake.

Robbie21 said...

Does anyone know if there is a website that gives stats only for the Big 10 games and not the total season?

rockybuckeye said...

Does anyone know the rules on fan/artificial noise? Have plenty of cow bells, those soccer horns you blow in, air horns, etc to pass out to my fellow Buckeyes this weekend in Ann Arbor.

Chuck said...

I think I've heard of people being removed in other Big Ten contests for those things. Air horns are not allowed into a number of stadiums for sure.

rockybuckeye said...

Yeah figured Air Horns would probably be a no, but cow bells and the such I hope are a go.

Anyhow the noise won't be as impressive as the chants and hollers a good half dozen personalized per player.

Brian said...

rb, I believe a Michigan student brought in a cowbell during last season. I can't say it will fly, especially with a Buckeye on the operating end, but I have seen them in The Fish before.

Brian said...

Robbie, the Big Ten used to produce such a thing on their site, but I have not seen it this season.

rockybuckeye said...

Well I figure if I have roughly 15 ideas to cause chaos, if 10 get the axe I still have a few options right? Ha, I look forward to this weekend more than OSU-Michigan in football.

Anyhow heres the video of Recknagle, Abraham, from Saturday I mentioned. The Putnam clip isnt loading right. Not the best quality I know, it came from my digital camera.



Jeff said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jeff said...

Here are a few pictures of Purdue in their Camo jerseys. They were auctioned during/after the game and the proceeds are going to the Coalition to Salute America's Heroes.

kowisja said...

I sent the ticket office/atheletic departments an email last night asking about just about everything noise making devices from air horns to jack-n-the-boxes. I look forward to their response.

Unfortunately I've got work taking me to the middle of nowhere NY for a Friday conference. I'm going to end up missing the whole series.

Go Blue.

Chuck said...

It is supposed to pour rain all weekend. That's because we splashed out for chairback tickets in advance, unlike our usual policy of walking up at gametime and sitting in the bleachers.

Oh well, I guess we'll see how much we'll get to see. Go Blue!

BaseballBucks33 said...

Yeah i was going to make the trip from Columbus, but with the weather forecast i don't think i will. Hopefully they get the games in.I think if UM wins the regular season championship, we will go up for the Tournament.

I do want to see what Ray Fisher stadium looks like.I have seen some pics and it does look better.

Go Bucks!

rockybuckeye said...

We're ready to shock the nation.

Rain, snow, sun; I'm there. In terms of student support it might be 1 vs 1000, but David did take down Goliath.

Chris said...

The students are gone at Michigan. Graduation was last weekend and it is between sessions right now.

rockybuckeye said...

Well that definitely sucks. So the crowd will be small ad around 2k?

rockybuckeye said...

Weather update for Ann Arbor?

Chuck said...

Iffy. The big rainstorm over Findley/Toledo/Lima stretching all the way to Fort Wayne and South Bend MIGHT be moving east fast enough to miss Ann Arbor, but they are still saying 70% chance of thunderstorms tonight.

NittanyBaseball said...

I'm actually a meterology major, so I actually forecasted for Ann Arbor this weekend just out of curiosity. Looks like tonight will be the most widespread rain with a few scattered showers tomorrow. Sunday should be a nice day, though.

kowisja said...

time to bust out the IPTV. apparently upstate new york doesn't carry BTN on regular cable... oh that's right, neither does comcast in michigan.

Anonymous said...

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