Saturday, April 12, 2008

On The Fly Saturday

While diligent BTH reader BaseballBucks33 has already posted some of this in yesterday's comments, here's what happened so far around the conference.

Iowa 12 Indiana 11 - Game One
Kevin Hoef was 5 for 5 with 5 RBI for the Hawkeyes. Justin Brauer was 4 for 4. Kyle Riffel homered amongst his three hits. Nick Erdman posted the win. Kyle Heim earned the save. Indiana's Josh Phegley hit a grandslam.

Iowa 13 Indiana 10 - Game Two
IU's Josh Phegley is 2 for 2 with a homer. T.J. Cataldo has gone deep for Iowa.

Michigan 14 Illinois 4 - Game One
Zach Putnam's homered twice, Adam Abraham and Derek Van Buskirk have also gone yard for Michigan. Putnam had six RBI and scored four times. Chris Fetter improved to 6-0 by going six innings and giving up three earned runs on seven hits and a walk. Ryan Hastings homered and drove in two for the Illini.

Michigan 14 Illinois 6 - Game Two
Wolverines' 3B Adam Abraham had three RBI. Jason Christian, Nate Recknagel and Ryan LaMarre each drove in two. Chris Berset homered. Brandon Wikoff and Ryan Hastings had two RBI for the Illini. Ben Jenzen gets the win, Tyler Burgoon posts his fifth save.

Minnesota @ Northwestern cancelled
They are going to try again tomorrow.

Ohio State @ Michigan State
One game has been cancelled, the other postponed. A doubleheader in the snow/rain/cold on Sunday? We shall see.

Purdue 12 Penn State 4
Dan Black homered and drove in two. Black, Brandon Haveman and Ben Walgamot each scored three times. Andy Loomis improved to 3-0. PSU committed four errors. Cory Wine and Rick Marlin had two hits apiece in the defeat.

Purdue 4 Penn State 1
Allen Donato, Matt Jansen and Josh Lindblom held PSU to six hits and a run over seven innings. Jansen got the W, Lindblom grabbed his seventh save. The only player on either side with crooked offensive numbers was PSU leadoff man Brian Ernst who collected three hits. Ryne White, Jordan Comadena, Dan Black and Eric Nielsen drove in the Purdue runs.

Let's see if I can update the standings correctly. As of this second, we have this:

Michigan 10-1
Purdue 9-2
Ohio State 6-3
Illinois 6-5
Minnesota 3-5
Northwestern 3-5
Indiana 4-7
Michigan State 3-6
Penn State 3-8
Iowa 3-8

Update: The games are finally finished for today. I've updated all the scores and the standings as of 9:34 pm EST. They might even be correct. I might attempt to link boxscores and update the highlights later. Or I might just call it a night.


Chuck said...

Wow, Michigan looking dominant.

BaseballBucks33 said...

Michigan is really starting to pull away from the league.They have the best lineup in the league and are hitting for power.They hit 5 HR in a DH today.

I myself questioned their pitching staff,but they seem to be handling it.Putnam is a stud but after that they really fall off on the mound.Fetter is getting the job done this yr,but i have never been a big fan of his.

They also do not play Purdue this year,funny how that works out.

Anonymous said...

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