Sunday, June 24, 2007

Summer League Rosters, Part II

I've received some email about Part I of my review of summer league rosters. It appears BTH readers demand more, so here's Part II.

Alaska Collegiate
Chris Cullen, MSU, Matsu Miners

Northwoods League
Caleb Curry, IOW, Alexandria Beetles
Mike Wilson, MIC, Alexandria Beetles
Drew O'Neil, PSU, Battle Creek Bombers (*)
Lars Davis, ILL, Duluth Huskies (*)
Joe Bonadonna, ILL, Duluth Huskies
Allan Donato, PUR, Madison Mallards
Jordan Comadena, PUR, Madison Mallards
Daniel Webb, ILL, Madison Mallards
Chris Roberts, MSU, Madison Mallards
Dusty Napoleon, IOW, Madison Mallards (*)
Eric Nielsen, PUR, Madison Mallards
Adam Abraham, MIC, Mankato Moon Dogs
Tim Ryan, MIN, Mankato Moon Dogs
Ben Geelan, IOW, Mankato Moon Dogs
Jeff DeSmidt, MIN, Mankato Moon Dogs
Nate Hanson, MIN, Mankato Moon Dogs
Jason Christian, MIC, Mankato Moon Dogs
Alan Oaks, MIC, Mankato Moon Dogs
Craig Lutes, ILL, Rochester Honkers
Derek McCallum, MIN, St. Cloud Riverbats
Eric Van Matre, PUR, Thunder Bay Border Cats
Scott Shaw, ILL, Waterloo Bucks
Tanner Roark, ILL, Waterloo Bucks
Michael Giller, ILL, Waterloo Bucks
Steve Gerstenberger, MSU, Wisconsin Woodchucks
Justin Potes, MSU, Wisconsin Woodchucks

Texas Collegiate
Cory Wine, PSU, McKinney Marshals
Jon Kibler, MSU, Weatherford Wranglers
Mike Monterey, MSU, Weatherford Wranglers

Clark Griffith League
Chris Berset, MIC, Vienna Senators

Coastal Plains League
Aaron Martin, ILL, Fayetteville Swampdogs
Dominic Altobelli, ILL, Fayetteville Swampdogs
Ben Reeser, ILL, Fayetteville Swampdogs
John Schlichter, ILL, Fayetteville Swampdogs
Brandon Doherty, MSU, Petersburg Generals
Michael Lorentson, PSU, Petersburg Generals
Peter Wolff, MSU, Petersburg Generals
Tyler Cox, IU, Spartanburg Stingers
Mike Powers, MIC, Wilmington Sharks
Nate Recknagel, MIC, Wilmington Sharks

Atlantic League
Brian Ernst, PSU, Kutztown Rockies
Joe Blackburn, PSU, Kutztown Rockies
Rob Yodice, PSU, Metro NY Cadets

California League
Nolan Moody, MSU, San Luis Obispo Blues

Mountain League
Kyle Knudson, MIN, Fort Collins Foxes
Jon Hummel, MIN, Fort Collins Foxes

Valley Collegiate
Justin Brauer, IOW, Harrisonburg Turks
Jon Moore, PUR, Harrisonburg Turks
Mike Dufek, MIC, Winchester Royals
Josh Edgin, OSU, Winchester Royals
Justin Miller, OSU, Luray Wranglers

Hawaii League
Kenneth Avila, NU, Kuai Menehunes
Landon Nakata, PSU, Waimea Waves

I believe this will conclude my preview of summer league rosters. Although, I admit I could have inadvertently missed an entire league. (New ones are popping up all the time.) I also believe there's a great chance I've missed an individual player or seven. Or ten. Along the way, some individual team webpages didn't open, some didn't easily provide me with the data I was looking for and then there are the times my eyes got blurry scrolling down pages and pages of names.

If you notice I've made an error or overlooked someone, please drop me a note. My thanks to those who have already contacted me with updated information.