Friday, June 22, 2007

Summer League Rosters, Part I

Per usual, a number of Big Ten players are participating in wood bat leagues this summer. Here is the first part of my look at summer league rosters. Remember, these are tentative rosters. Changes are not only possible, but probable. (*) Indicates a player selected in the MLB Draft.

Great Lakes League
Mike Kalina, NU, Anderson Servants
Brad Henke, IU, Anderson Servants
Billy O'Connor, IU, Cincinnati Storm
Tony Kennedy, OSU, Cincinnati Storm
Zach Hurley, OSU, Cincinnati Storm
Danny Rosenbaum, IU, Cincinnati Storm
Billy Kitchen, IU, Cincinnati Storm
Darren Sizemore, OSU, Cincinnati Storm
Cory Rupert, OSU, Columbus All-Americans
Ryan Dew, OSU, Columbus All-Americans
Jake Hale, OSU, Columbus All-Americans (*)
Evan Crawford, IU, Delaware Cows
Brian DeLucia, OSU, Delaware Cows
Mike Jacobs, Iowa, Great Lakes Mariners
Matt Gerbe, Mich, Great Lakes Mariners
Jeff DeCarlo, Mich, Great Lakes Mariners
Eric Best, OSU, Licking County Settlers
Joe Vicini, IU, Licking County Settlers
Eric Arnett, IU, Licking County Settlers
Matt Bischoff, PUR, Lima Locos
John Karr, PSU, Southern Ohio Copperheads

Cape Cod League
Kevin Hoef, Iow, Bourne Braves
Zach Putnam, Mich, Chatham A's
Ryne White, PUR, Cotuit Kettleers
Chris Fetter, Mich, Cotuit Kettleers
Josh Lindblom, PUR, Cotuit Kettleers
J.B. Shuck, OSU, Cotuit Kettleers
Kyle Day, MSU, Harwich Mariners
Josh Phegley, IU, Wareham Gatemen

Central Illinois League
Tony Sedlmeyer, PUR, Danville Dans
Connor Sestak, PUR, Danville Dans
Dan Black, PUR, Danville Dans
Kevin Cahill, PUR, Danville Dans
Johnny Lee, MSU, DuPage Dragons
Kyle Heim, Iow, Quincy Gems
Tyson Blaser, Iow, Quincy Gems
Ryan McFarlane, MSU, Quincy Gems
Wes Freie, Iow, Quincy Gems