Friday, June 08, 2007

Keeping Up With The Draft

I'm attempting to assemble a list of all the Big Ten players selected in the 2007 MLB Draft, however, it's been a bit more challenging than I anticipated. (Let's just say that's sort feature isn't working quite as well as I might like.) Regardless, here is the list I've compiled thus far. If I missed anyone, please let me know.

Let's also keep in mind that some of these players do have college eligibility left and may opt to return to school for another year of college baseball.

#63 Cory Luebke, P, Ohio State - San Diego
#102 Lars Davis, C, Illinois - Colorado
#219 Matt Angle, OF, Ohio State - Baltimore
#259 Drew O'Neil, P, Penn State - Cincinnati
#311 Eric Fryer, C, Ohio State - Milwaukee
#342 Andrew Groves, P, Purdue - Colorado
# 361 Gary Perinar, P, Minnesota - Detroit
#379 Scott Gaffney, SS, Penn State - Cincinnati
#430 Dan Lyons, SS, Minnesota - Washington
#434 Craig Clark, P, Penn State - San Francisco
#493 Mike Mee, OF, Minnesota - Arizona
#519 Jason White, SS, Iowa - Baltimore
#577 Kyle Day, C, Michigan State - Chicago (NL)
#591 Jon Fixler, C, Indiana - Houston
#600 Dusty Napoleon, C, Iowa - Oakland
#601 Andrew Hess, P, Michigan - Detroit
#625 Jake Hale, P, Ohio State - Toronto
#638 Matt Cavagnaro, 2B, Penn State - Pittsburgh
#891 Travis Sweet, OF, Iowa - Houston
#931 Jon Kibler, P, Michigan State - Detroit
#996 Caleb Fields, 2B, Northwestern - Pittsburgh
#1018 Shawn Roof, SS, Illinois - Detroit
#1394 Gary Amato, P, Penn State - Pittsburgh
#1444 Doug Pickens, C, Michigan - Cleveland

Congratulations to all that have been selected.