Friday, September 22, 2006

OSU, PSU Schedule Notes

While neither Ohio State or Penn State have released their schedules for 2007, I can pass along a bit of information about some of their opposition next year. The first nugget comes from Ohio State. The Buckeyes are hosting their own tournament at the New York Yankees complex in Tampa, Florida (the tournament announcement comes amidst a review of the OSU freshman class). The dates are February 23-25 and, in addition to the Bucks, the field is comprised of James Madison, Kansas State and Seton Hall.

JMU posted a 38-21 mark last year and can boast of 2006 co-National Player of the Year, Kellen Kulbacki. Kansas State was 31-20 a year ago and Seton Hall went 21-34.

Thanks to a tip from my friend at the College Baseball Blog, I've learned about one road trip for Penn State in '07. The Nittany Lions are going to travel to Chapel Hill to take on the University of North Carolina. While the Heels have suffered some losses to the professional ranks, UNC can still field a challenging lineup featuring All-America SS Josh Horton and 1B/3B Chad Flack.