Saturday, September 02, 2006

Buckeyes Pace Attendance, Again

Ohio State fans, this post's for you. Well, in part, anyway. The Buckeyes' faithful get a tip of the ol' ball cap as they, once again, led the Big Ten in attendance in 2006. Ohio State not only lead the Big Ten in fans in attendance, but came in 24th overall in college baseball.

Their national ranking is made more extraordinary when you realize that the Buckeyes played far and away the fewest home games of the universities in the top 25. OSU played a mere 17 home dates, while the next closest team was Notre Dame with 24 home games. Bob Todd's squad averaged over 2,000 fans per game.

As is often the case in Big Ten matters, Michigan also can boast a bit. According to Boyd Nation's breakdown, the Wolverines are amongst the best teams to invite to town. Rich Maloney's team was ranked as the 19th best team to increase attendance. Go check out Mr. Nation's work and get a look at '06 attendance figures.