Saturday, September 30, 2006

Indiana To Build New Baseball Complex

Add Indiana to the list of Big Ten baseball programs that are building new facilities. Indiana's Board of Trustees approved the building of a new Hoosier Baseball Complex. In addition to a new playing surface, pressbox and indoor practice facility, the new structure will also provide for new locker rooms and offices for IU baseball.

The Hoosiers focus on upgrading their baseball facilities falls in line with several other programs in the Big Ten. Penn State will begin play in a new stadium, Medlar Field at Lubrano Park, next spring. Michigan is in the process of a two year renovation project at Ray Fisher Stadium. Michigan State and Purdue are raising funds for the updating/renovation of their baseball facilities. Of course, Ohio State has been the clubhouse leader in the stadium upgrades for over a decade with their commitment to Bill Davis Stadium.

This is not only good news for Coach Tracy Smith, IU baseball and the Big Ten, but college baseball in general. IU's financial support to baseball, especially in light of the others in the conference making similar moves, reveals the desire of some in the Big Ten to compete at the next level and shows the game's growing popularity.