Thursday, June 01, 2006

Links! We've Got Links Here!

I'm almost past my baseball hangover. My sunburn is healing. I think I might be able to enjoy a hot dog, again. I'm able to form partial sentences. On occasion. With that in mind, how about I let some others do the writing for me? Here are some links you might find entertaining.'s Mark Etheridge tells us what to look for this weekend at the tournament. Mr. Etheridge also gives us a peek at the mythical NIT Baseball field.

Kendall Rogers, of the Rosenblatt Report, previews the Malibu Regional.

Boyd Nation breaks down each regional in his Breadcrumbs Back To Omaha column.

Beesball let's the Michigan, and Big Ten fans, get a look at Georgia Tech from their perpsective.

Kendall Rogers, who this time appears at the new College Baseball site, offers this look at the Lexington Regional, the Houston Regional and the Austin Regional.

The entire tournament gets a once over from Will Kimmey and the gang at Baseball America. also provides the brave with a NCAA Baseball Tournament Bracket Challenge.