Wednesday, June 14, 2006

CWS Time

There is a good chance I won't be posting here again before Sunday, so I had best get in anything I have to say about the College World Series now.

The Rosenblog, Baseball America's blog from Rosenblatt Stadium (and beyond), is already in full swing. Time to note that I have to get to Omaha for the CWS.

Another site you should visit is It's a standard link in the right hand column, but it can't hurt to give it some extra attention right now.

The folks attending the championship game are going to receive this poster. Three Big Ten players made the poster--Ohio State's Steve Arlin, Michigan's Barry Larkin and Minnesota's Dave Winfield. Yes, boys and girls, there is a history of baseball success in the Big Ten.

Of course, I'm presuming CSTV is going to continue it's fine tournament coverage, as well. I'm also hoping someone will be blogging from Omaha.

If you are wondering about the magic that is the CWS and Omaha, you need look no further than this re-printed column by Joe Posnanski courtesy of and The Kansas City Star. Great, now I want to go even more.

There is no reason to believe this tournament won't provide it's usual array of memorable moments. I hope all of are able to enjoy the CWS.