Saturday, February 14, 2009

Schedule Revision: Big East/Big 10 Challenge

There has been a change in the schedule for the Big East/Big Ten Challenge. One field apparently was not going to be playable and, as a result, the locations for many of the games have been altered. Here's the revised list of locations:

Friday, February 20

10 a.m. Connecticut at Michigan St. Jack Russell Stadium

1 p.m. South Florida at Michigan Jack Russell Stadium

Cincinnati at Purdue Naimoli Complex

4 p.m. St. John’s at Penn State Dunedin Stadium

West Virginia at Indiana McKechnie Field

Seton Hall at Minnesota Jack Russell Stadium

7:30 p.m. Notre Dame at Ohio State Dunedin Stadium

Georgetown at Northwestern McKechnie Field

Illinois at Iowa Jack Russell Stadium

Saturday, February 21

10 a.m. Minnesota at West Virginia Jack Russell Stadium

1 p.m. Indiana at Georgetown Red McEwen Field

Iowa at St. John’s Jack Russell Stadium

Penn State at Northwestern Naimoli Complex

4 p.m. Michigan at Cincinnati Bright House Field

Michigan State at Seton Hall McKechnie Field

Ohio State at Connecticut Jack Russell Stadium

7:30 p.m. Purdue at South Florida Bright House Field

Illinois at Notre Dame McKechnie Field

Sunday, February 22

10 a.m. Ohio State at Cincinnati Red McEwen Field

Penn State at Seton Hall Jack Russell Stadium

Minnesota at Michigan State Naimoli Complex

Georgetown at Iowa Naimoli Complex

11 a.m. Northwestern at Connecticut Naimoli Complex

1 p.m. Michigan at St. John’s Red McEwen Field

Notre Dame at Purdue Jack Russell Stadium

Indiana at South Florida Naimoli Complex

West Virginia at Illinois Naimoli Complex