Tuesday, February 17, 2009

College Baseball Today Opens Shop

Stitched Ball Nation, rejoice!

Yes, boys and girls, your friend and mine, Eric Sorenson, is back. Big E is cranking out fresh college baseball opinions at the shiny new site called collegebaseballtoday.com. Let's try that name over one more time, but this time do it in your best in-studio host voice. (I'm leaning towards Brent Musburger, circa 1978, but that just reveals my age. You choose whatever voice works for you.)

"Welcome to College.........Baseball........TODAY!".

That makes it more impressive, doesn't it?

Eric may not have been in his new home long, but the lad's been busy. The item that might intrigue most of you is his Big Ten Preview. Sorenson provides some opinions that I might not concur with, so it's a good idea to check out his take on the conference. (The odds are he's right and I'm wrong. After all, he's a professional. I'm just a guy with internet access.)

Needless to say, college baseball gets a boost with Sorenson's new website. Of course, I'll be providing a sidebar link to his new digs, as well.

Welcome back, Eric.