Tuesday, February 03, 2009

February House Cleaning

I've got some odds and ends that might merit individual posts, but I'm cramming them altogether. Perhaps, they can use each other for warmth. Hopefully, you'll find something interesting amongst the group.

The Previews
Yes, the BTH team previews are coming. I'm writing a few and waiting for some more details on a few others, but they are in-process. You could see the first one as early as tonight, but don't wait up for it. I could easily get busy doing something else.

The Sincerest Form
It appears that one of my college baseball blogging allies is trying to start up a new blog. The focus is the Big XII Conference. The name of the blog has a certain ring to it.

If you follow the Big XII, the new site is looking for writers. Drop them a email, if you are interested.

CBB Interviews Hoosiers' Smith
Tracy Smith, head baseball coach at Indiana, recently did an interview with Brian Foley of the College Baseball Blog. I encourage you to read Brian's Q&A with Coach Smith.

More Coverage
I've spent a good deal of time this winter deleting dead links to former sources of college baseball information. Honestly, I've been quietly lamenting their demise. However, a bit of good news has emerged.

I was thumbing through The Sporting News baseball annual at my local mega-chain bookseller. Inside was not only a look at college baseball's top twenty-five teams (it could have been twenty or thirty, don't hold me to the number), but a look at All-America Teams. In addition, Lindy's MLB annual had a Top College Prospects section.

In the TSN magazine both Michigan's Chris Fetter and Indiana's Josh Phegley were named All-Americans. Lindy's had Phegley listed amongst their top twenty college prospects.

While it's not in-depth coverage, it's more coverage than college baseball received even ten years ago. Hopefully, the inclusion of Big Ten players will spur a few more fans in the north to watch their school's baseball program.

Big East/Big Ten Challenge
I'm sure by now most of you have stumbled upon the website for the Big East/Big Ten Challenge. Having it's own website gives the event some sense of credibility. It also indicates a willingness to market the series.

Also adding credibility, in listening to Baseball America's podcast, I learned that BA's Aaron Fitt will be covering the Challenge. That's the kind of coverage neither conference would have received without this event. Again, more ink is good for all the programs. Now, if the Big Ten would just win the series.

OSU's Todd Talks '09 Buckeyes
Ohio State head coach, and ABCA Hall of Famer, Bob Todd talks about his team and the upcoming campaign. (Audio link.)