Monday, June 23, 2008

Grewe Leaves MSU

Hot on the heels of Michigan State's stadium expansion news comes word that head coach David Grewe is leaving East Lansing to join Louisiana State's coaching staff. Grewe is slated to become Paul Mainieri's recruiting coordinator and pitching coach. Grewe was part of Mainieri's staff at Notre Dame before both moved on.

The whispers around the program indicate that MSU's administration is looking outside the program for a replacement.

How this can be viewed as anything other than bad for the Spartans' program is beyond me. Grewe had built bridges with former Spartans that felt alienated prior to his arrival and was the central figure behind the program's renovation. While this does give MSU a chance to have the new guy in before fall, one wonders what affect it will have on recruiting commitments.

To have him bolt now -- with the stadium improvements planned and the better recruiting classes on the way -- is a disappointing turn for the Green and White.

Honestly, it doesn't help the Big Ten's reputation much, either. When one of your program's head coaches bolts to become an assistant, even a SEC assistant, it's not a ringing endorsement on the state of your conference.


kowisja said...

slams head continuously into desk... at least Maloney stayed at Michigan last year. I really would have thought the way things were going for State the last two seasons he would have stuck around. Their team was really young this year. They appeared to be gaining some major commits (from heresay) for the upcoming year. They announce a stadium deal. They finally get some alumni support. Now this? Rabble Rabble Rabble Mid-Major status....

bigtenman99 said...

lets be clear about something....grewe had nothing to do with any of the money that has been raised. the money for the indoor and especially not the money for the stadium. yes he rebuilt some bridges with former spartans, but he burned more with major people involved with michigan state.

Anonymous said...

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