Friday, June 06, 2008

MLB Draft Day Two

All fifty rounds are finally over. Quite a few familiar faces were selected on day two of the Major League draft. A couple of patterns jumped out at me today, as well.

You have to think the Indians have a scout nearby Ann Arbor, as Zach Putnam, Adam Abraham and Nate Recknagel were all tabbed by the Tribe, as was Doug Pickens a year ago.

While the Twins seem to like Coach Anderson's squad. The Twinkies selected Gophers Kyle Carr, Matt Nohelty and Nate Hanson.

Here's the complete rundown of Big 10ers from day two:

# 329 - Andrew Means (Indiana), Cincinnati
# 359 - Kyle Day (Michigan State), Cincinnati
# 366 - Kyle Carr (Minnesota), Minnesota
# 404 - Scott Shaw (Illinois), New York Mets
# 411 - Adam Abraham (Michigan), Cleveland
# 417 - Caleb Curry (Iowa), San Francisco
# 478 - Andy Loomis (Purdue), Florida
# 546 - Matt Nohelty (Minnesota), Minnesota
# 591 - Nate Recknagel (Michigan), Cleveland
# 846 - Nate Hanson (Minnesota), Minnesota
# 944 - Mike Powers (Michigan), New York Mets
# 963 - Tyler Tufts (Indiana), Texas
# 973 - Mark Sorenson (Michigan State), Detroit
# 1047 - Dan Black (Purdue), San Francisco
# 1063 - Dan DeLucia (Ohio State), Detroit
# 1178 - Eric Decker (Minnesota), Milwaukee
# 1388 - Eric Roof (Michigan State), Detroit
# 1416 - Matt Bischoff (Purdue), New York Mets
# 1450 - Kevin Hoef (Iowa), Boston

One extra selection of note. Former Illini Friday starter, Tanner Roark was taken with the 753rd pick. The righthander went to Texas.

Just as yesterday, if I happened to miss someone, please let me know.


Chuck said...

My kid already cried over Christian, Putnam, and Abraham. Should I tell her about Michael Powers, as well?

cali_you said...

Chuck, you can tell your kid to cry no more because the most talented player from last year's team will be back for the 09 season. I am referring to Fetter of course. Maybe he will garner the credit he deserves from Maloney now that the self-proclaimed God (Putnam) has left. (That is if Cleveland pays Putnam that 1.5 he is asking for from pick 171...? HAHA!!!) Fetter, 2nd team All-American, and no draft pick? Hmm, Maloney, do you have an answer to that question?

kowisja said...

That is perplexing as all get out. I'm not sure if Putnam is gone or not though.

So the other Brian (mgoblog) has put out some ridiculous baseball recruiting posts the last few days. I think its hilarious, but I appreciate the effort. Trying to make heads or tails of college baseball recruiting is like trying to guess the distance to a star in feet by looking up from earth with the naked eye.

Anonymous said...

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