Wednesday, June 25, 2008

An Open Apology

In my last post, I reported that Michigan State's David Grewe was signed, sealed and delivered to Louisiana State to become the Tigers' top assistant. The same source that assured me that Grewe was on the way out a few days ago, informs me that a "final" decision is expected tomorrow. As such, I owe you an apology.

While only a blog, I attempt to run this with a degree of journalistic integrity. Not that I'm above passing along a good rumor, but I try to present it as such. In this instance, I failed. I offered up a rumor as fact based on two things: 1) my source was reliable and 2) I was lazy. I should have followed up on the lead. I didn't.

Even if Coach Grewe does indeed leave for Baton Rouge, I should have presented the information as a rumor or avoided it altogether. As I did neither, I apologize first and foremost to Coach Grewe, his staff, the MSU players, their families and the Spartans fanbase. Of course, I owe each of my readers an apology as well.

I believe the majority of you realize that the last thing I would try and do is toss a college baseball program under-the-bus, especially one in the Big Ten. Regardless of whether or not my last post becomes fact or fiction, I made an error and I'm willing to take responsibility for it. My sincere hope is that I'm wrong and Coach Grewe stays on in East Lansing. Let's hope we learn something soon. I have already.