Tuesday, February 26, 2008

New Blogs!

I am happy to report the addition of two new Big Ten specific college baseball blogs. The first is The Buckeye Nine. The new Ohio State baseball blog is run by friend of BTH, Todd Lamb. Todd's worked for some pretty good college baseball programs -- Rice, Clemson and Ohio State. He knows this sport as well as anybody.

The second newbie is Happy Valley Hardball. Larry Farr is running this blog about Penn State baseball. I don't know Mr. Farr, but he's already keeping track of the RPI for the entire conference. It's quality work.

I'm very excited about both these efforts. It's great to have two more college baseball blogs, but it's even better to have two more representing hardball here in the frozen north. Not surprisingly, both The Buckeye Nine and Happy Valley Hardball will be added to the sidebar here. Let me encourage you to visit both.