Thursday, February 07, 2008

BTN Broadcast Schedule And Other Things

Here is an array of news items from around the conference. Hopefully, you'll find something in the group interesting.

The Big Ten Network has released their baseball broadcast schedule for the upcoming season. They won't begin until conference play does, but BTN will make the rounds. If I read the schedule correctly, only a home game at Purdue keeps the network from hitting every program at home once.

It also looks to me like the network gave some consideration to avoiding the cold(er) weather early in the season. Can't say I blame them on that account. Now, if I can only get my cable provider to pick-up BTN before then.

The Big Ten Network's Kara Lentz chats with Michigan head coach Rich Maloney.

Both Ohio State and Michigan have Meet and Greets on the horizon.

The Bucks have also announced their 2008 broadcast schedule with WMNI radio in Columbus. You can also catch games on the internet.

Here are your Buckeye captains for '08.

Ron Kittle will be the keynote speaker at Saturday's University of Illinois Hot Stove Banquet.

Michigan State's First Pitch Dinner is slated for February 19. Drayton McLane, Jr., owner of the Houston Astros, will be awarded as the MSU Baseball Alumnus Of The Year.

Joe Giradi spoke at Northwestern's First Pitch Dinner in January.

Indiana has begun their annual Newcomer Profiles. So far, IU has featured Michael Earley, Tyler Rogers, Anthony Agnew, Jeff Caldwell, Matt Carr and Anthony Cera.

Iowa has issued a 2008 season preview. It gives all my quality information away, but go ahead and read it anyway. Serves me right for not cranking my previews out sooner.