Thursday, April 27, 2006

This Week's Links

Ok, my links post is a few days behind. I'll toss in a few national perspectives to make up for my tardiness.

Boyd Nation's Breadcrumbs Back To Omaha column gets serious about looking at the NCAA Tournament field. Mr. Nation concurs with what I suggested in an earlier post. The Big Ten will probably have one representative in the field--the conference tournament winner.

Ben at Southern College tries his hand at predicting the field of 64, as well. also ran this interview with Purdue's Mitch Hilligoss. It's an old feature, but as I just stumbled upon it, I'm sharing anyway.

Here is something you just don't see very often. The AP provides the full story.

The initial class for College Baseball's Hall of Fame was announced this week. Minnesota's Dave Winfield is amongst the honorees.

A not-so-little tidbit I missed from Sunday's play. Iowa closer Tim Gudex started against Illinois. The Illini have employed the same tactic, as well. Their closer, Matt Whitmore, has also made a start recently.

David Morrison of the Daily Northwestern reports on OF Anthony Wycklendt's struggles at the plate.

Mark Zdinar of The Columbus Dispatch provides details on Ohio State's midweek fall to Cleveland State.

Des Moines Register's Dan McCool recaps Iowa's triumph over Northern Iowa.

Jon Malavolti of Green and looks at Michigan State after their weekend series with Minnesota.